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Perhaps, the global health crisis has abruptly impacted our approach towards conducting business meetings and events.  The entire nation was shaken by the sudden announcement of travel restrictions, maintaining social distance, and staying back home to avoid getting in contact with the virus. 

2020 was a year of new experiences that taught us how to adapt to the toughest situation and come out victoriously. Cutting to the chase, people realised the importance of the digital component quite immediately which bought virtual events into the limelight. The hype of these types of events is gaining more popularity because of their accuracy and convenience. People across the globe can attend any meeting from the comfort of their homes and leverage the outstanding opportunities offered by the platform. 

Although most parts of the world have started recovering from the covid-19 cases, the level of normality of virtual and hybrid event platforms will always be the talk of the town. It won’t be wrong to state that even after the situation settles down, people are still going to make use of virtual and hybrid events to perform their common practices. 

Speaking of hybrid events, you might have understood that it combines two elements but do you know what they are? Its online and offline components. A perfect blend that invites attendees to join the event either from their homes or to be present in the respective venue location. Looking at the current graph of covid-19 cases, it is likely to believe that many events may head back to normal-physical events soon. But the importance of online events will remain consistent.

Hybrid events are the best alternative for you to incorporate face-to-face and online interaction and build powerful connections across the nation. Being a sociable species, the demand for hybrid events will only rise in the event arsenal which means more new innovations and opportunities may be awaiting us in the coming future. Still not convinced? Don’t worry by reading the following 10 reasons you might change your mind and start using the hybrid event platform, now and in the future. So without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

1. Increased Reach & Attendance

One of the most common misinterpretations while performing hybrid events is that attendees can either join online or in-person without an in-between. This transmits a negative idea of organising events in a hybrid environment amidst organisations. They might even think that it will split both sides of their audience apart and disrupt the total attendance. 

However, the opposite is true. The reason behind its popularity is- increased reach and maximum attendance. Don’t believe us? Well according to some anonymous studies, 98% of the participants are still sceptical about attending a live event, they rather feel safe attending the event from their comfort zones. This marked close possibilities to get hold of new audiences who are least interested in joining a live physical session. Other reasons can be distance, time zone differences, or unfit to attend a traditional event. With this important means, hybrid events help organisers to boost participation and also invite unexpected attendees to have a taste of your hybrid event. 

2. Better Audience Engagement

As most of the participants are expected to attend the meeting online, it is vital to take necessary engagement tools and tactics that will keep attendees entertained and hooked for long hours. One of the major drawbacks of hosting a hybrid event is maintaining a balance between both sides of the participants, especially online ones as their chances of getting distracted can be more prominent. Hence, in order to boost your engagement try incorporating exciting web-based games, photo booths, signature booths, networking lounges & networking tables, live polls and so on. If you are a newbie and planning to host a hybrid event, I suggest you get in touch with a suitable service provider and book a demo to understand their engagement features and make your decision wisely. 

3. Greater Sponsorship Opportunities. 

Sponsorships are an asset to any event whether it is physical, virtual, or hybrid events. To intensify your sponsorship opportunities make your hybrid event look attractive and seamless. Remember, your sponsors will only take an interest if they see a return of investment opportunity at your event. This means wider reach and higher brand visibility. Now, another reason your sponsors will be desperate to attend your event is they can easily contact interested customers and boost communication. 

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

As inter-state and international travelling is prohibited for a while, the environment has seen some effective and tremendous changes in recent months. Some people call it a healing phase, which is apparently true! With zero vehicle emissions, less waste generation, and less onsite headcounts, environmentalists observed a massive downfall of carbon emissions and more anticipation on going green. 

5. Cost-Effective

Hybrid events as touched earlier are conducted in a physical location alongside digital components. Hence it is pretty much clear that it allows cutting-edge solutions. Organisers do not have to pay for big venues, hire too many staff, order limited food and beverages. Now, from the attendees front, they don’t have to travel around to attend the meeting, saves time,

and allows better interaction opportunities. 

6. Improved Marketing outcomes

After the global public crisis hit the country our planning,

marketing, and execution strategies have completely changed and it is for good! Here social media has played a major role in enticing interested attendees. You may simply repurpose and distribute online content to maintain

a constant stream of information rolling to your audience instead of making your event exclusive.

7. Improved ROI

With evolving technology, event organisers are immensely able to improve their ROI rate. This is because of wider global reach and scalability. As hybrid events allow unlimited incorporation of attendees, more sponsors and attendees will sign up and participate in your event. 

8. Fetch Data Effectively

Whether you are hosting a virtual or hybrid event,

gathering valuable data curated by attendees is vital in order to evaluate the overall performance of the event.

This information can be generated through live polls,

live Q&A sessions, or even by analysing the booth traffic and attendee engagement. 

9. Increased Flexibility

Post covid-19 the entire business operations have been shifted online hence,

it becomes convenient and also flexible for organisers to conduct any meeting from anywhere and anytime.

Whether it is a natural disaster or a nationwide pandemic,

having a digital backup plan will never stop you from hosting a hybrid event. 

10. Changing Needs Of Attendees

It’s tough to picture what the world will be like after COVID-19. One thing is certain: the crisis has altered the way we utilise technology for the better. For businesses and their workers all around the world, working from home has become the new normal. Facebook and Google have declared that their workers will be able to work from home for the remainder of the year,

while Twitter has made working from home a constant option for all workers.

While working remotely has its advantages and disadvantages,

no one can dispute that it is something that may be here to stay, even in the absence of a pandemic.

Over To You.

As the globe grapples with the epidemic, the future of the events business may be permanently altered. The epidemic has transformed the way we adapt to the technology that we use in our everyday life. This implies that your viewers’ demands have evolved, and as a result, you must guarantee that you’re responding to them. We hope the above-mentioned reasons will help you understand.

how relevant it is to host an event in a hybrid atmosphere. 

Happy Reading! 


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