Each and every one of us loves a comeback. So whether it’s your favorite celebrity reclaiming the spotlight, a musical act climbing back up the charts or sports team staging a come from behind victory, we are all familiar with how inspirational these stories can turn out to be. Email marketing requires a lot of planning and work in order to be effective, but when done in a right manner it would not just drive more traffic to your website but would also boost up your sales. Ready to improve your email marketing campaign. Here are the five major strategies for email marketing from entrepreneurs and the digital marketing experts.

Trying a new list growth strategy

When was the last time you have introduced a new way for people to sign up for the email list? You could find in new tools for growing your email list in the contact center marketplace, also set up the other growth tools like a website sign up form and our text to join feature right within the constant contact account.

Creating a focused group

Email marketing is considered to be pointless if you cannot get your subscribers opened in your very first place. And in order to make sure that your campaigns are effective enough, you would here need to make sure that you are sending people whatever they want and the only way they could do is through careful observation. Creating a vital group here would let you get a bit specific enough helping your clients increase the open rates bringing effective marketing results.

A/B testing subject lines

If there have been open rates that have been trending down, and then start A/B testing subject lines making sure that you are adhering to the best practices. Say for example keeping them short and simple, customizing them when you can getting more creative, and if stumped do look into your personal inbox for some kind of an inspiration.

Adding videos related to your products and services

Emails who have business videos show results of receiving more than 300 percent of CTR (Click through rates) than the ones who have not done any. Videos are one of the best ways of making your customers subscribe. They can be educational and entertaining enough. One of the best alternatives to writing content is through videos. So if you are dealing with e-commerce industry or any other business, then videos are one of the best ways of going and doing something and then introducing them to your staff members.

Extending your email reach

Do you like all the businesses have an active social media presence on social media sites. If yes then have your newsletter available to all your customers who are following you using the social media tool. Through the social media tool, you can create and schedule a series of social posts that you want to update on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Do not forget to add a line  which says add me to your mailing, so that you’re the ones who visit you through these profiles can come forward and join the mailing list without any delay. You could also find in step by step instructions on how to make your customers the part of your mailing list.

Sharing your story

One of the biggest advantages the smaller business organizations generally have is their personal connections that they have with their customers. You do know your customers in a way you can grow your business, unlike the larger business organizations who don’t. Sharing your story will make the customers more eager to know more about you and your business. You can share your story through the email marketing campaign content. For instance, would you ask your shopkeepers to come to your store and see what latest product you have for them? Beyond every written story look out for the different ways that will make your story more appealing to your customers. For instance incorporating visual content like photos or videos. Consider recording the entire conversations you have had with employees, customers, and the business partners starting a podcast. You can even listen or refer to the b2b Industries podcasts for inspiration.

Having a clear call to action

One of the biggest mistakes the marketers do is not having a clear call to action button. It will not make any difference if you are trying to bring traffic to your blog, website or the landing page. If the readers cannot determine what exactly they need to do in the next five seconds, then it’s obvious that they will prefer to delete your emails. So while designing for an email marketing campaign test it out by showing it to your friend or colleague, giving them 5 seconds to look at your emails and see if they can understand what they have to do. To conclude what email marketing strategies have you experienced lately.  Do tell us about the failures and successes in the comments section below. And in case you are unsure about what your email contact are interested in then go straight to the source and send out an online delivery to it.


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