One of the crucial successes behind the rising popularity of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) lies in creating a robust marketing plan. Some factors to consider before launching the ICO marketing campaign are

  • Establishing a legal entity – A registered company needs to be set up before kickstarting the token sale. Hire lawyers to understand the business landscape and register your company in a particular location. Unregistered firms will not receive any significant investment from investors.
  • Prepare the Whitepaper – Every investor will have a detailed look at the whitepaper, which is a technical document that will disclose the project’s vision. Include details about the benefits offered to investors, distribution strategy for the token, the problem that you are aiming to solve, legal implications, and other terms and conditions. Hire a professional to write your whitepaper.
  • Create an explainer video – Disclose your offerings in a 1-2 minute explainer video. Explain the prevailing problem and the solution that you are rendering to solve it.
  • Set up a website – Your website will act as the first point of contact for the investors. Include details about the roadmap of your company, the description of your team members, and some customer reviews if possible.
  • Develop your presence on social media – Create accounts on the leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Linkedin. Engaging content can be published on other platforms such as Medium, Reddit, and Discord. Hire a team for handling all the accounts.
  • Create the token – This is a critical step for the success of the ICO. Decide the blockchain network on which you would create your token. Many firms resort to forking another blockchain network. Another option would be to create an ERC20 compatible token, which would be supported by the Ethereum network.

Elements that make up a great ICO marketing strategy

  • Utilize the re-targeting tool of Facebook – Ensure that you show relevant advertisements to people who have just visited your website. This can convert potential investors into token buyers. Create customized ads in different formats for specific audiences.
  • Use Google Adwords – This displays specific ads to people who did a particular action on your page. Create a Google Analytics account and establish your target audiences before creating the ads.
  • Make use of push notifications – Push notifications are those small pop-ups that appear on the user’s phone or browser. It can get immediate attention from users and motivate them to take the desired action.
  • Focus on converting your visitors – Ensure that all the important buttons are placed within well-reach on your website. Make sure that there is a maximum conversion from the users who land on your webpage. They must become buyers of your tokens.
  • Indulge in email marketing – Share newsletters to those users who have signed up through your opt-in form. Create triggers email sequences and use an autoresponder to save time. Avoid sending unsolicited emails as it can lead to more harm than good. It can affect the company’s reputation, incur a financial penalty, and affect the ability to send emails in the future.
  • Submit your site to search engines – Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will crawl to find your site. Share your sitemap with Google. Ensure that you create unique content to be ranked high on the search engine results page. This will lead to higher traffic for your website. It requires the intelligent generation of content and a well-researched link building plan.
  • Take advantage of ICO rating sites – Publish your ICO on ICO rating sites such as ICObench. It is a cost-effective tool for getting more traffic. They will have a look at your team members, information about the ICO, presentation about the product, and marketing campaigns before giving a review.
  • Hire influencers to publicize your ICO – Make use of Influencers who are popular on certain platforms. Their level of engagement will bring people to your site. Do not partner with YouTubers and other influencers who have faked their number of followers by using dubious techniques.
  • Undertake PR for your ICO – Maintain a healthy relationship with the media by issuing press releases. It will ensure that your ICO stays relevant and possesses significant potential. There are several free sites for publishing PR, the best sites would charge a premium amount. Hire professionals who have experience in handling the media.
  • Establish bounty programs –  Curate a customized bounty program with rich rewards and incentives. It can attract interest from investors and other stakeholders during the pre-ICO as well as post-ICO. Though airdropping is quite frequent now, it must be handled carefully. Do not give away too many rewards as it can be viewed as a scam or a project that lacks financial viability. Hence try your best to maintain a balance.
  • Organize events and conferences – Setting up events and conferencesis a great marketing channel to get a positive buzz among a like-minded community. Though the costs will be high to get participants and sponsors, it has the potential to generate a good return on investment. The founders and important team members must attend as many events as possible. It will help in building the much-needed trust and communicating your message. Without a visible presence in the ICO events calendar, there is a higher chance that the ICO will fail.

 Utilize all the above-mentioned strategies to make your ICO marketing campaign successful. With an increasing number of ICO launches happening frequently, the competition is quite intense now. The future will be tougher due to regulatory restrictions and advertising bans. Hence it requires expertise over several channels to ensure high traction during the pre-launch and post-launch.

While hiring an experienced ICO marketing company is safer as they can guarantee optimum performance, a DIY approach is not ideal for getting that much-needed first impression and maximizing the potential of your project. Use a combination of tools to get the best results. It will require investment in time and in-depth analysis. Hence research what works best and ensure trustworthiness and compliance in your ICO marketing strategy.


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