Planning to go on a vacation is one most valuable and best parts of our daily lifestyle. And finding the best reaching source towards your destination at affordable rates is quite a most difficult tasks. Whether you are on a limited budget or traveling or not, it’s been easy to reach towards these cheap destinations. Flying with Air Mauritius Airlines is quite cheaper than any other airline. If you are planning for holiday trips with your family and friends. Then, you can easily book your air mauritius reservations at very reasonable rates. As well as, Customized trips are also available. Where you can easily customize your flight itinerary. It might help you to save more on your booking to any of the cheapest destinations you should visit the upcoming year 2021.

List of 10 best cheapest destination you must visit in 2021

  1. The United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates

UAE is one of the most popular destinations for spending your holidays with your family and loved ones. You can book a foreign trip from India to this place at the Cheapest Rates as compared to other travel agencies. There are so many places to visit in the UAE.   

For example -Dubai, which you cannot ignore at any cost at this rate of fares. The city also has its own tourist-friendly ambiance and the monuments which are likely to be seen.

Stay:- You can Book this Beautiful place as low as 5,000 to stay like a HomeAway. And if you are traveling to many people like 2-3 or more than here is also many more places at low cost 1500-1800\- Per person-per night. 

Duration:- For enjoying this place and know much better than, spend 8 Days approx.

Flight price:- you can take a flight from New Delhi with the starting price is Rs.5979.

  1. Singapore


Singapore is one of the highest visited countries in the world because of its precise Beauty. There are so many lovely beaches and resorts which may boost your family trip and honeymoon trip also.

Stay:- You can book a hotel at 7,000INR for couples. And if you Travelling alone than you might choose another option like Hostel. Which will cost you 1400-1700 per night?

Duration:- spend at least 6 days

Flight price:- you can take a flight from New Delhi with the starting price is Rs.15979.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect mixture of modern cityscape and royal palaces. this place has its own prismatic Beauty and sightseeing places to visit.

Stay:- It cost INR 1500 and above and Price may vary according to your needs.

Duration:- spend at least 5 days.

Flight price:- you can take a flight from New Delhi with the starting price is Rs.17000.

  1. Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the archeological states in the world. You can visit this place at the cheapest Rate from India. Many places to visit in Indonesia like Volcano tours and cultural visits.

Stay:- Travelling with a small group of 3-4 people, will help you to get the hotel at 5,000

Duration:- spend at least 7 days.

Flight price:- you can take a flight from Mumbai with a starting price is Rs.10000 Per Head.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destination places for Indians because of its Budget-friendly. There is a pleasant climate and enormous beaches to visit. where no one can get bored.

Stay:- Here you can book a villa at a low cost if you book in advance at 7000.

Duration:- spend at least 8-9 days.

Flight price:- Yes! You can visit this place at INR 7000.

  1. Hong Kong
Hong Kong

This city fulfills the fantasy of kids. where the atmosphere of the country is full of grooviness and a happy atmosphere. And it holding its traditional and cultural values also. It is a maleficent place to visiting everyone.

Stay:- There is an Airbnb, where you can book your stays at INR1000 per person.

Duration:- spend at least 6 days.

Flight price:-You can visit this place at INR 21000 with Malaysia Airlines.

  1. Cambodia

This country is Heaven is Today’s Era Because of its panoramic and ancient beauty. This country is also known as the “Kingdom of Wonder”.This country is famous for an ancient temple which is named ‘Angkor Wat Temple’.

Stay:- Through Airbnb, you can stay here at INR 5000 per Head.

Duration:- spend at least 7 days.

Flight price:-It costs INR15,000 from New Delhi to Phnom Penh Airport. 

  1. Seychelles

This city is famous for Tremendous Beaches and its natural Beauty. This city is formed by more than 100 islands. This city is situated in the Indian Ocean of East Africa.

Stay:- Here you can stay as low as INR 5000 per person

Duration:- spend at least 5 days.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a place where nothing for sight but has its own ample Beauty. Vietnam always believed in happiness and Independence.this place is for backpackers who are traveling all around the world.

Stay:- can stay up to 8 days in INR 8000

Duration:- spend at least 6 days.

Flight price:- It costs INR14,850 from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh city.

  1.  Turkey

Turkey is the Rich historical place And it is the highest famed tourist spot in the world. The thing which makes this country more attractive is that it is the cheapest country to visit India. Turkey is on the top 6th most popular destination in the world.

Stay:- As low as you can get to stay here at INR1000 per head-per night

Duration:- spend at least 9 days.

Flight price:- Flight from New-Delhi to Istanbul Airport, it will cost 22,999 with a discount coupon will also provide of Rs.1500.

Last words

Hopefully, The list of 10 Best Cheap International Destinations referenced above will guarantee that your holiday trip will be an extraordinary experience through which you build some amazing memories and enjoy them. In the event that you are looking for the best and cheap travel destination, at that point remember to check the cheap travel deals and customized packages on the emirates official website to these cheap international destination on your next trip. Plan now and enjoy your lavish time over there.

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