Best Home Design and Renovations Apps

Inspired, but feel need some push-start or feeling like directionless? Find yourself, your king starts! There are plenty of apps available in this internet world, which makes our lives very easy in every walk of life. Be it having a lavish lifestyle or professional assistance. These apps come very handily in our day to day life.

In mobile aided 21st century, apps have become the most vital elements of any work profile or any product or brand. But being a user picking a specific Best Home Design and Renovations Apps out of millions of crappy apps can assist, designing is tricky. So to help you all, we are here with 20+ Best Home Design and Renovations Apps for making your dream and desire of a fantabulous home in reality.

Let us discuss apps as per the usage one need in designing and decorating their house from shopping to painting, from designing, sketching to decoration. We will go through one by one as per there usage:

Shopping and purchasing perfect items.

Those who have tried to find some absolute perfect piece for his house know that selection out of all options is exhaustive. But these apps will provide a wide range of vintage, new and antique right on your phone’s screen just a fingertip away.

1. Chairish

If you are in search of buying or selling and decor, Chairish is the perfect solution. Here user can see visualize and choose any decor he wants to buy, which his house needs. Buyers generally visit here to buys knoll, Herman millers, Christian liaigre, ligne roset, etc.

2. Deco

This is a newer venture of the cofounder. Deco provides top-class types of furniture and decor fittings from the vetted dealers. Expect top-notch pieces of stuff from the elite names like studio van den Akker and fact chance Los Angeles.

3. Invaluable

Suppose we want to browse an ample amount of live auctions around the world from your own desk, armchair or bed. Invaluable gives you the facility of advance absentee bids and real-time bids at online and live auctions.

4. Hutch

This app has the quality of merging the world of rendering and shopping; it allows its customers to upload their room photos and shop fills with the items required by the room. The experts at the shop help you make your room magnificent.

Color and painting interiors

5. Color911

It helps you create your own choice of color palettes for your own house. There are 80+ downloadable pre-saved themes by renowned color specialist Amy Wax. We can also share your color platters with your friends via email.

6. Color capture

This app allows you to take a picture of your house and upload it. Its technology will blow color on the walls that can be suitable by the paint options selected.

Sketching and designing homes

You being a professional designer or just like to approach for a personal project. These apps will help in sketching or rendering your housing designs.

7. Paper by fifty-three

It helps users to make and save sketches and hand drawing and handwritten notes. It is one of the best app architectures around the world.

8. Morpholio board pro

They are designed to aid designers and professionals in merging mood boards, shopping lists, cut sheets, and specs into one app, making designing easier

Measurement tools and interior design

9. Photo measures

In this world, we need not carry a measuring tape. It helps in taking photos of the space and write all sizes on it. Next time you buy some furniture, there is no need to worry about the size and all just consider references.

10 Magic plan

It takes a photo of your space and turns it into floor maps with measurements.

11. Measured

It measures and augments measurement with your phone’s camera only.

Designing Arranging and styling your homes

12. Roomy

It has the capabilities to show how your house looks with the decor in 2-D and 3-D photos to visualize your own house.

13. Artfully walls try on walls

Buying art or setting it up on your house usually not an easy task. Artfully allows you to help in arranging your own house in the language house demands.

14. Room planer by Ikea

Are you having confusing which stuff looks better in the living room or bedroom? Here is the solution for you. This app makes you realize what fits where.


It is another one of the best apps to augmented designs. It will virtually make you realize reality.

Maintenance and utility designs

16. Bright Nest

It acts as an artificial reminder for the maintenance of the household. This apps allows remembering works, which we usually forget, from changing batteries to thousands of cleaning works.

17. House pad

It is the brainchild of 1stdips so it stores shareable notes and visuals on instructions about the maintenance of houses. It can be shared with family and friends.

18. iHandy carpenters

If you are fearful of not having any toolbox. This app helps carpenters work.

Fun and innovative innovations

19. Design Home

It is the king of interior designs. If you are exhausted from creativity and brand new designs, this is perfect for you.

20. Houzz

It is the synonym of the best designs available in the markets. It has over 20-millions plans.

21. Homify

It is the perfect blend of designing and architectural planning. It is one of the ideal combos of designing and interiors.


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