15+ Best iPhone Launchers For Android And iOS

iPhone launchers are doing brisk business today. Androids and iOS are getting closer by the day, and how? However, the experience will definitely be different. However, no one is complaining. Android user interfaces are much more multi-faceted than iOS. Anybody who has used both these platforms can tell you the difference. Now, things are getting different. You can enjoy both interfaces on your phone. If you are an Android user, its time you emulate and enjoy some of the fluidity that iOS offers. There are quite a few iPhone Launchers that are doing the rounds today. Let us find out more about them today.

15+ Best iPhone Launchers For Android And iOS

iLauncher – OS

The iLauncher gives your Android a much-needed boost today. It is a very powerful home screen launcher. To top it, it operates smoothly. Moreover, you also get a lot of customizations with super-cool transition effects. You can now use it on Android 4.1 or higher versions.

Launcher iOS 13

This is probably quite new in the market today. It brings in the look and feel of the iOS 13. If your Android already features a wide notch, this launcher will make it similar to iPhone 11 models. Now, you can get the same wallpapers, animations, and icons. Moreover, you also get to access the Control Center and Assistive Touch options.

Launcher iPhone

Now, you can catapult the software experience to greater heights. One-click is just enough to blow your mind. Smart Search, Smart Group, and iOS icons seem to be within your reach, and they really are. Now, you can swipe down to display the notification bar, just like iPhones.

Phone 11 Launcher

This is just the exact copy of iOS 11. You will be able to spot the same iPhone UI and the wallpaper, as well. The feel is that of the iPhone X. As soon as you install this launcher, you will be the one giving permissions for notifications to pop-up onscreen. Moreover, you have the Spotlight search for the company. Now, finding apps and contact details is easy.

IPhone X Launcher

It can give your Android the much needed boost. It can give that feel to any Android. It adds iPhone X features to your Android phone. It is a cool combo of Android and OS11. Moreover, you are privy to abstract themes, 3D special effects, and weather widgets. What more could you probably ask for? Now customize as per your needs.

Launcher iOS 13

This is another iPhone launcher app that is taking the market by storm. You can get the best visual features ever. Get the dark mode and the light mode that is very similar to iOS 13. It has the same icons, notification bar, spotlight search and other wannabe features.

Control Center iOS 13

This is another launcher that you can consider today. A smooth interface and customizable features are what attracts users from all over the globe. It is compatible with cheap Androids as well. That is good news for college-goers.

iLauncher OS 12

The iLauncher OS 12 is another kid on the block. It is simply beautiful. It is an upgraded and superior style launcher. Now, you can even tweak it and customize it, the way you want it to be.

Launch Center Pro

Now, install custom iOS Home screen symbols. Get the Icon Composer that is attractive nonetheless. This app can carry numerous schedules at the same time.

Control Center iOS 12

It is free and quick. There is a skimming bar that is very advantageous. Now access all your favorite games, settings, and screen catch on the go. It is just perfect for physical catches. It suits big-screened advanced phones.

X-Max Launcher

This is one of the best X launchers for your Android phone. It is simple, yet elegant. That is the best part. It has a retinal launcher, that includes an abundance of shades like no other.

iPhone X Notch

Its name is attributed to the famous notch. The screen design is futuristic, at its best. It resembles the iPhone X. The widgets are instrumental to its look and feel.

Launcher iOS 14

It has set new standards in the launchers segment. It is a simple design, yet tasteful.

X Launcher Lite

The launcher comes with OS12 Style Theme & Wallpaper. This is the lighter version of X launcher. However, it can add a lot of features to your Android.  It comes with the control center, style folders, and the widgets.

One Launcher

It is attracting several Android users today. It emulates the iOS interface very closely. The launcher comes with transition effects and system icon packs. It needs updated Android versions like Marshmallow.

Espier Launcher

It will take you by surprise, like no other. It will not improve the performance of the Android, but make the screen more responsive. These are a few of the best launchers for Android devices. You can install them onto your phone and use any of them. Give your Android phone a makeover. The 15+ Best iPhone Launchers For Android And iOS is here now.


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