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We travel to have fun, kill the boredom, and to gather new experiences. With the latest technologies, traveling is easy and quick. Some ten years ago,  people used to go to an internet cafe and book flight tickets. There weren’t many travel blogs to give us detailed info on a new destination. Now, we not only read reviews and feedback to find the best stay, modes of transport, but also have virtual tours that give a closer glimpse of the place. Still, overpacking, forgetting essentials, thefts, etc., are likely to hinder your trip. With the availability of modern gadgets, your tour can be hassle-free. Below is a list of travel tech devices that are a must for every expedition.

1.  Universal travel adapter

Learning about new cultures, trying out the local cuisine, and attempting to break the language barrier is part of the travel fun. But a mobile phone running out of battery could be the perfect holiday spoiler. When you travel to foreign destinations, you often find that electric sockets do not fit the devices. Thankfully, we have power adapters with several options like devices with multi-plug options, voltage converters, high-power device compatibility, and compact 2.5-inch cube adapters that you could carry in the handbag.

Most travel power adapters have USB ports, and you could use them to charge phones, tablets, and cameras. A plug option helps charge the laptop, use a mini iron press and hairdryer.

2. Water filtering bottle

You can get in contact with most of the diseases by only consuming impure water. Since you cannot carry plenty of water with you, staying hydrated can be ideal for tackling it. It is possible to buy packaged water at hotels and shops, but imagine going on hiking, surfing, or some adventure trip. You might have to depend on the tap water or the natural sources available. These might have soil sediments, germs, etc. Some of the microbes could cause serious illness.

Thus, you have water purifier bottles that could filter around 4000 liters of water. The foam absorption mechanism helps to remove heavy metals, whereas the micron filter removes the germs. They use an inbuilt pump to clean water, and you could get purified water in no time. These are especially useful for campers. Place these filtering bottles in your vehicle’s roof rack kits so that you don’t forget them.

3.  Packing cubes, compression cubes, and automatic vacuum pumps

Not many of us would prefer to unpack the whole bag or suitcase to find a pair of socks. For those who like to keep their clothes neat and all small things easily accessible, packing cubes are the best. If you need to create more space in the bag, then compressor cubes are apt. With these, you pump out the extra air in the packets. These are useful when you are traveling across different climatic zones.

Nowadays, you have a tiny vacuum compressor that automatically detects pressure changes and compresses the luggage inside to create more space. It is not battery-operated, and you could connect it to the USB port to operate it.

4.  Smart convertible backpacks

Imagine converting your bulky backpack into a compact handbag or a professional briefcase. Today, brands like Fossil, Samsonite, and Carhartt have bags with convertible options. With flexible straps and detachable parts, you need not carry additional bags at all. Some have a smooth slider facility that lets you divide it into two separate bags. You have provisions to keep everything right from laptop to your heels and sneakers. There are locking zippers, RFID blocking portions to keep your essential items safe. Nowadays, we have hi-tech carriers with built-in LED lights and tracking facilities.

5.  Camera lens kit for phones

In this age of cell phones, almost everyone loves photography. For many, a tour is not complete if they do not document it on Instagram, Facebook, or upload a vlog. But mobile phone cameras are not sufficient for taking a variety of pictures and shooting videos. And, not everybody wishes to carry a bulky camera. Several companies provide lens kits that one can clip to the phone camera for specific types of photos. They usually have lens options like wide-angle, fisheye, telephoto, macro-lens, etc.

6.  Power Banks with wi-fi hotspots

Imagine not taking a photo or making an emergency call due to the drained battery of the phone. Fortunately, you have power banks that could charge phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, etc. The battery capacity goes as high as 10,000 mAh. Thus power banks are essential for travelers. For example, the Skyroam Solis power bank offers 4G LTE service and connects up to 5 devices at a time.

7.  Luggage locks and trackers

3-digit digital locks and 4-digit steel padlocks are a standard part of any journey. Some of the TSA approved locks could show if some miscreants opened the bag. But, in traditional locks, you might forget the combination or lose a key. To avoid such issues at the last minute, you could choose smart locks with Bluetooth facility and NFC (Near field communications) tags.

Another issue that you can face while traveling is missing or misplaced luggage. Now, we have smart luggage trackers that work on technologies such as GPS, mobile networks, Bluetooth, etc.

Final Thoughts

Travel gadgets are aplenty. You will have to choose them as per the needs. For example, those going on an official trip could consider getting a mini steam iron, and the party-goers can opt for portable speakers and wine bags. Given the many pluses, now the onus is on you to be responsible and keep the surroundings clean as you tread along different nature trails.


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