Best 8 Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali

Bali has found a name in almost every traveller’s list, as a must-visit destination for a plethora of reasons. One cannot help but consider Bali for their vacation plans, given the plethora of reasons that made it ago to region. It the place is home to a great number of activities and makes for the best travel experience, all the way through.

Regardless of what you’ve got in mind, Bali most definitely has just that and much to offer you. If you’re someone who loves to explore a destination and would love to hop from one attraction to another, Bali has got that for you. For all those of you who are nature lovers and would enjoy the most breathtaking of landscapes, you’re sure to be mesmerized.

Tourists who are travelling with family, friends or who even have kids onboard, can undoubtedly make the most of their vacation. There are a wide array of activities and stunning locations for you to explore together.

On the other hand, for all you food enthusiasts out there, Bali is just the place for you! Almost every nook and corner of the region has something unique for you and undeniably offers the best of delicacies. One cannot help but delight themselves over some of the authentic cuisines that Bali has on its cards.

In fact, Bali is also the perfect destination for all you vegetarians out there. So if you’ve been planning a trip to Bali and are wondering if you’ve got any vegetarian options, fret not! Find all of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Bali, right here.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bali

The lip-smacking vegetarian food available here in Bali is truly out of this world. All of you vegetarians are most definitely in for a treat when it comes to what’s in store for them.

1. Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine

The ‘Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine,’ is one of the best Indian restaurants that you can find in Bali. It offers tourists the most extensive variety of Indian dishes, all of which have flavours that are sure to leave you craving for more.

Renowned for a great number of things, the gastronomical diversity that India has is displayed in the most magnificent of ways, right here. So if you’re looking to explore the best of Indian cuisine in Bali, this is the place for you!

2. The Shala Bali

The ‘Shala Bali,’ is yet another vegetarian in Bali, that has continued to garner the attention of tourists, even today. The very ambience of the restaurant is another bonus point that adds to the splendid charm of this place. Tourists truly find themselves transcended into a whole new environment.

Tourists are sure to fall in love with the mouth-watering food that is offered here, as well. The extensive variety of Indian dishes, combined with the amazing environment, makes for a surreal experience.

3. Sitara Indian Restaurant

The ‘Sitara Indian Restaurant,’ is that one restaurant in Bali, that gives tourists the opportunity to explore some Jain cuisine. If you’re in the region for the first time, we most definitely recommend you try out the delicacies here. You could try your hand at some ‘Baingan Masala,’ ‘Paneer Butter Masala,’ and so much more.

4. Anam Vegan Restaurant

The ‘Anam Vegan Restaurant,’ located in the ‘Beingsattvaa retreat villa,’ provides for a holistic environment. Tourists visiting this restaurant are in for a unique experience and some amazing food. One of the most important things about this place remains the fact that alcoholic beverages are not offered here.

5. Sita

The ‘Sita,’ is a much sought after and widely talked about restaurant in Bali. The place offers tourists the opportunity to choose between both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The food served here is exquisite and is most definitely a delight.

6. Sakti Dining Room At Fivelements

The ‘Sakti Dining Room At Fivelements,’ provides tourists with an entirely different and unique ambience. If you’re making your way up here, be sure to be welcomed by some thatched bamboo roofs and mouth-watering food. The stunning environment is yet another reason for you to journey to this lovely place.

7. The Seeds Of Life

The ‘Seeds Of Life,’ gives tourists the opportunity to experience the freshest produce and thus, provides for the best of meals. This is easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bali and makes for a great experience. So if you’re looking for some delicious food and an exquisite environment, this could be the place you’re looking for.

8. Zula Vegetarian Paradise

The ‘Zula Vegetarian Paradise,’ is another vegetarian restaurant in Bali that sources the most organic of produce. The place also sticks to some of the traditional methods available in the region and thus, makes for some of the most authentic delicacies. To assist you in planning the perfect Bali packages, choose trusted travel companies like Pickyourtrail and book your dream vacation today. Start planning and happy travelling!


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