As online businesses are becoming more popular, it is giving hope to aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses/ventures by developing an online multi-seller marketplace like eBay. 

It is estimated that online marketplaces are projected to grow ten times by 2025, meaning that multi-vendor eCommerce websites will dominate traditional single-seller e-shops.

So, if you have any plans to embark on your business by building an app like eBay, then join your hands with us. Being the leading clone script provider, we will help you deliver high-quality and intuitive eBay clone software. 

How does our eBay clone app work?

  • User login

Users log into the app by registering their credentials or by using their active social media accounts.

  • Browsing

They search for the product by browsing in the advanced search option in the app.

  • Add to cart

After browsing, users can add the items/products to the shopping cart available in the app.

  • In-app payment

Now, users can check-out after paying for the products purchased via the in-app payment gateways.

  • Receiving order

After verifying the payment, the user’s products are dispatched for delivery, and the product is delivered to the user’s location.

  • Ratings & Reviews

After receiving the product from the delivery personnel, users can rate and share their genuine feedback in the app.

Our eBay clone features

Our eBay Clone contains features that focus on all three stakeholders of the app. They are

  • Users
  • Store vendors
  • Admin panel

Let’s discuss the features of these stakeholders individually.

Prime features of the user app

  • Login using OTP

For a secured login, we have enabled this feature, where users have to sign up or log in via OTP sent to the mobile number.

  • Add to cart/Wishlist.

Our eBay clone has this feature that allows users to add the products to the shopping cart by simply clicking the ‘add to cart’ button or by the drag and drop option.

  • Advanced filter

It allows users to filter the products enlisted in the app and customize the search to suit their wants/needs.

  • Comparing products

This outstanding feature facilitates users to compare and buy products based on their brand, size, color, brand, and more.

  • Notification alerts

Users receive a notification using this feature via email, SMS as per the admin’s discretion.

  • Checkout

This simple feature is designed to assist users in having a hassle-free payment process.

  • Payment option

We integrated our eBay clone app with multiple payment modes like debit/credit card, net-banking, cash on delivery, digital wallet, and more that can help users to have a hassle-free checkout.

  • Order status

This exclusive feature helps notify users of the order status like purchase confirmation, order confirmation and cancellation, and others via SMS or email.

  • Feedback column

Users can check the product rating before purchasing and can also share their feedback post-purchase.

Vendor panel app features

  • Store Registration

Vendors can register and set up their store data with their products and details in an online store like eBay.

  • Adding store products

Using this feature, vendors can add their own products under the store for sale.

  • Managing orders

This feature facilitates vendors to view and manage their orders received for their store products.

  • Managing store users

This remarkable feature enables vendors to manage their users who have purchased products from their store.

  • Managing store settings

Vendors can easily set up and manage their store settings like store addresses, information, contact details, and so on.

  • Add shipping methods

This outstanding feature permits vendors to add and manage the store shipping methods.

  • Viewing payment history

Using this feature, vendors can view all the processed transactions and payment history for the products purchased from their store.

  • Analyzing sales reports

This feature allows vendors to view and keep track of monthly and daily sales reports of all the sold products from their stores.

  • Managing reviews

This feature helps vendors view all the reviews, thereby enabling them to know about their users and improve their service.

Admin panel features

  • Secure login
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Stock management
  • User & Vendor management
  • Cost management
  • Managing vendor capabilities
  • Store management
  • Managing categories/subcategories
  • Order management
  • Managing reviews

Why choose our eBay clone script?

It is a multi-vendor ecommerce script specially designed for businesses looking to kickstart their business in the multi-vendor ecommerce platform. Our eBay like app development, comprises unique features that are extremely user-friendly.

The advantage you get by investing your time and business ideas with us is that we already have the ready-made solution for you. Since the app is highly customizable, we easily modify it to your business ideas and specifications.


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