Do you love chocolates..? Of course, who doesn’t..? Here under we tell you why you have to increase your love for chocolates. Chocolates have a great reputation for improving heart health. Ever wondered, what makes it possible for them..? Here under, we present you the secret behind it. After reading this you can’t stop yourself from gifting chocolates by post to your loved ones.

Cocoa affects heart diseases:

Regular consumption of cocoa is capable of preventing heart diseases. The people of Kuna islands in India stand as a proof for this statement. The diet of these people largely includes cocoa drinks. The elder citizens of this island had a healthy heart. When a few people migrated from this island and adapted to western diet habits, they started developing blood pressure at the old age like many other people out there. However, it is advisable to stay away from all dark chocolate products if you are allergic to cocoa.

Improves performance of blood vessel cells:

Dark chocolates are the good sources of anti oxidants. Apart from fetching us required antioxidants, chocolates also provide theobromine and bioactive flavanols. These compounds are capable of enhancing the performance of blood vessels. In comparison to other types of chocolates, dark chocolates have less cholesterol content.

Improved blood circulation:

Including dark chocolates in the diet has shown positive effects on people suffering from peripheral artery disease. This disease reduces the blood flow to the limbs and this makes it highly difficult to carry out any physical exercises. The presence of polyphenols in the cocoa also aids in regulating the blood flow. So, don’t just keep waiting. Start the hunt for your favorite dark chocolates online.

Calms blood pressure:

It is common sign of increased blood pressure in aged people. However, good news is that including dark chocolate in the diet can lower the blood pressure significantly. In a research study, it was found that eating about 6 grams of dark chocolate per day lowers the systolic pressure by three points and diastolic pressure by 2 points. This is long term research, which is carried out for about 18 weeks.

Risk of heart stroke is lowered:

Heart stroke has turned out to be one of the major health concerns in the recent past years. A recent study stated that stroke, which occurs due to clotting of blood in the brain is one of the major reasons for disability in America. Including 60 grams of chocolate per week in your diet can actually lower you risk of heart stroke.

You can reach you cholesterol goals:

High quantity of cholesterol is definitely a bad sign for our heart. People are constantly in search of easier ways to keep cholesterol under control. If you are someone who falls under this category, you might have given up eating your favorite foods and might be spending prolonged hours in the gym. This time, try a dark chocolate to yield good results out of your efforts. You can decrease the cholesterol linked to your heart diseases by about 12 percent by consuming dark chocolate. Theobromine, a compound present in cocoa is credited for decreased cholesterol content. 

Since centuries, cocoa had a great reputation for its incredible taste and its effects on health. However, it is in the recent past years, the actual mechanism behind it was explored.


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