Security background check has been utilized since a decade now and it is widely known as “security screening” or “criminal history check”. Many large organizations execute the security screening program by utilizing their extensive resources that are present for in-house staff assessments; however this isn’t a rule rather an exception. On the contrary, many organizations lack in staffing along with the knowledge and expertise required to perform the security background check successfully and thoroughly.

Now, how will these organizations conduct the security screening? The answer is “Outsourcing”. These firms outsource the entire process to the screening and background check service providers. There is a broad range of diverse types of security check services available to the employers across the world.

At one scale, there’s a fairly costly online security check where a candidate’s name and date of birth can be entered and the criminal history can be obtained from the database of the services providers. This is the shortest security screening and cost around 20$ only. Whereas on the scale, there’s a wide ranging thorough security background checks that are expensive and exorbitant. These checks take couple of months to be completed and can cost more than 10,000$ to the employer.

Employers tend to conduct the low-cost security screening on the employees who are not involved in highly responsible job role and don’t have access to sensitive information’s like clients data, monetary details and financial reports. However when a job role desires a highly competent and reliable individual than the expensive security background check is opted. Like for the job position of a CEO or a Director of the company.

There are also other types of security background checks which fall in between of the above mentioned two scales. These checks will solely base on the extensiveness of the process which is being used to attain a criminal history of an individual. Simple checks will include searching for the country and state records where the candidate has disclosed to live. While more elaborative security screening will tend to assess the records of national and local registries as well as analyzing the social security number and past addresses of the applicant. In a nutshell, the more the comprehensive security screening, the more the cost will be.

It is advised that the selection of the type of security background screening must be determined by the job role which has to be offered to the candidate. For instance, if an applicant has to be considered for a post of a chauffeur in a hotel than an expensive security check isn’t needed but if an applicant has to be considered for the post of a financial executive in securities firm than a comprehensive check must be conducted.


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