Diwali Gifts to Bring Happiness in The Lives Of Your Loved Ones

Gifting is never considered to be old fashioned. Maybe the gifts that we have been gifting are deemed to be a little old school. If you are worried about giving your beloved this Diwali, stop worrying and start selecting the latest Diwali gifts. Please do not wait for it!For the most exclusive varieties of gift collections from Bigsmall. We offer all types of Diwali gifts, including Diwali corporate gifts, Bhaidooj gifts, lights, and lamps specially designed by our designers with a lot of creative ideas that make the designs unique and exclusive. There are different sections from which you can shop for girls, guys, kids, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, premium gifts, baby shower gifts, housewarming gifts, creative gifts, funny gifts, personalized gifts, and Made in India gifts as well. You can also shop by your desired category and your preference and personalize them. 

Home decor is the best choice for decorating your home this Diwali and sparkling your house with lights that could bring joy and excitement to the festival of Diwali this year. 

Latest Diwali gifts of 2020

Mosaic candle holder:

This is a beautiful handmade tea light candle holder that is made of glass. It is decorated with a mosaic design that is in a crackle structure. This handmade candle holder’s specialty is that it comes in a set of 2 with multiple variants. Candle holders are always unique in Diwali. As it is the lights festival, lighting a candle in a tea light candle holder would make it indeed a beautiful showpiece at home. It would also create a sophisticated look and charm the people’s eyes. You can also choose to pop-in a scented candle that adds fragrance to the beauty that this mosaic candle offers. This is a fantastic personalized Diwali gift for friends. This classy candle holder costs just INR 699 exclusive of GST.

Diya Curtain LED Lights:

This beautiful Diya LED lights that form a curtain are attached to a string, which helps take a curtain’s shape. Diyas are inevitable items we use during Diwali; we have been using the same old days for ages. Why not go for a designed Diya Curtain LED lights to look for your home decor this year? It’s a suitable Diwali gift for a family. This includes six big and six small Diya lamps and 138 LED lights, which add more spark and beauty to this beautiful hanging curtain of diyas. It is warm white in color and eggs a globe to the entire row, sparkling and illuminating the room with Diwali’s essence. The cost for this exclusive item is INR 899, only excl. Of GST. 

GOLD patterned Paper Lantern:

When we talk about lanterns, they instantly excite us. But the ones Big Small is offering for this Diwali are gold patterned paper lanterns. The pattern is uniquely designed, and it is a total eyecatcher. So, this is an ideal gift for this festival. This would be great as a Diwali gift for employees. This gold patterned paper Lantern is also a handmade craft and is a great indoor and outdoor decor. Not all the sets can be placed outdoor, but this item is outdoor-friendly as well. This works with bulbs, but they are not included with the gold pattern paper lantern. You can choose your desired bulb and fix it in the center of this beautifully designed paper lantern. This is another different and cute Diwali gift that costs just INR 499 excl. Of GST. 

Personalized Contemporary Name Plate: 

We love personalized gifts, and when it is about customized nameplates, who wouldn’t love it for this Diwali! Having your personalized nameplate in front of your door is one great gift this Diwali. This can be a tremendous Corporate Diwali gift. It is uniquely and abstractly designed, which would have the text in the middle of the design and cause INR 1999 excl. Of GST. 

Heart Lid Jar Scented Candle: 

Scented candles are loved by candle lovers and people who like mesmerizing fragrance. The Heart Lid Jar Scented Candles are a great gift to show your love and affection for your better half. On the auspicious day of Diwali, when you make her feel special and loved and bring a smile on her face, you would make the best memory this Diwali. This is designed in a heart shape, and the fragrance is of lemon Jasmine and Tonka beans. It is a beautiful gift to express your heart’s feelings in the form of a heart. It has a beautiful aromatic essence that adds beauty to this lovely gift. As it has a candle in it, this is a perfect Diwali gift for her. This would cost only INR 1450 excl. Of GST. 

Photo Clip String LED Light: 

We all have loved ones whom we wish to surprise on occasion, such as Diwali. You must be wondering as to how you can surprise them with gifts—wondering how to express yourself? Well, do it with the lights! Light it up this Diwali with your memories. This photo clip string LED light helps you clip all the memories that you’ve captured in photos. You can celebrate this Diwali with this string of lights and memories with your loved ones. Isn’t it beautiful to have memories that are lit with beautiful LED lights? And the cost for this excellent photo clip string LED lights is just INR 499 excl. Of GST. 


Lamps are designed with fine craft and available in different types. DIY lamps, beautiful mirror lamps, and personalized moon lamps are also available. The cost of these lamps differs from each other. 


Lanterns are again a significant part of Diwali. This Diwali, you could give a paper Lantern that is available in pink, silver, Little Hearts, gold, and blue patterns as a gift to anyone you wish to gift and surprise them at this festival. These lanterns range from INR 399 to INR 899excl. Of tax.

Bigsmall is a great online website that offers a variety of gift items with different price ranges. It also provides personalized and exclusive gift items. Keeping in mind the pandemic’s current situation, all necessary precautions are being taken, and proper hygiene is followed throughout the process of package and delivery.


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