Easy Tricks About Promotional USB Drives That You May Not Know Yet

Promotional USB Drives at c2bpromo.com are great for businesses who want something as a giveaway to boost their brand exposure. But do you know that there are several things that you can do with your USB drive that you might still now know? Did you know that there are easy-to-do tricks that you can do with your USB drive? It’s not just a simple storage item. Want to find out more? Then read below.

  • Revive a Computer System that’s Corrupted by Virus – You can do this by simply installing an anti-virus in your USB drive. A free software such as the AVG rescue can help revive your crippled computer that’s attacked by viruses. If everything goes well with the process, this can bring your computer back to life.
  • Locking and Unlocking your Computer – A software called as “Predator” can simply turn your USB drive into a computer key that will unlock your computer when plugged in and automatically locks it when it’s removed. Anyone who tries to navigate your computer without the USB drive will be denied of access.
  • Test Drive a New Operating System – If you want to try a new operating system such as a new Windows OS or Linux, but you don’t want to install everything on your computer, then you can use your USB drive. There are several tutorials that you can find on the web as to how you can do this.
  • Portable Apps –If your computer has not enough memory for more applications, then you can install more apps on your USB drive and use them by just plugging it on your computer. Better yet, save more memory by installing most of your apps on your USB drive.
  • Maintaining your Windows Computer – There is an app called Parted magic which is a very useful software that allows you to do things on your Windows computer such as creating hard disk partitions, cloning your system and resetting your Windows passwords right from your USB drive.

  • Advanced Security for your Files – If you’re using your USB drive just for storage, then you should know that there’s a way for your files to be more secured by encrypting your USB drive. You can find tutorials all around the web which is pretty easy to follow.
  • Install Windows OS on a Mac Computer – This is a great trick especially if you have a Mac Computer and you want to try Windows OS. You can use your USB drive to install a Windows OS on your Mac Computer. This is a great tip for those who are owners of Macbook Air since it has no built-in optical drive.
  • Turn it into a Gift – A USB drive is a fantastic gift for everybody. In this modern era, almost everyone needs it. You can use it as a giveaway for your employees or a reward. You can use it as a prize for winners when you organize events with competitions. You can even use it as a promotional giveaway to clients or potential customers during trade shows and conventions. Nothing beats free stuff and this might even result to a better future for your company.


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