Weathering the health crisis can be a lesson in futility if you don’t buckle up and prepare for all the changes. Overnight, the news might report developments that will make things even more challenging for your company to get up and continue business operations. But it’s not time to give up; it’s time to learn how to survive for the long haul.


Here’s what you should remember:

Change if Needed


For most businesses in the Philippines, SEO services are important in your work operations. This means you pay attention to your company’s position in the Google search engine results pages, and you want to improve your rank as much as possible. Due to the health crisis, traffic to your business might have changed. Some pages may be getting traffic you did not anticipate, while others might have lost the top positions they held. Whatever the case may be, don’t be disheartened. You can get back your rankings if you can adapt to the changes. Yes, searchers may have a different intent now when they search, but your analytics accounts can give you a hint on what they want. Brainstorm with your team, deprioritize projects that are not paying off, and work on a new plan.

Treasure Your Employees

Trust your employees

All over the world, companies are finding it hard to navigate their business expenses and keep all their employees. You may need to let go of some people, and you may need to hire for positions you never thought your company needed. Whatever the case is for your company, it’s important that you treasure the employees you do have. A small company relies on everyone being productive and working their best, but this doesn’t mean working them to the bone. Be the kind of employer you’d want to have during a crisis.

Save Files Digitally

computer files

Back when you were operating from an office, everyone could just print and shred documents as needed. You fill out order forms and receipts. Maybe you even store employee files in filing cabinets. You thought that keeping them in locked drawers in locked offices is the most secure option–until you’re stuck at home and not able to get to all the important business files. If there’s one thing everyone should have been doing pre-pandemic, it’s saving files digitally. Not only does this save office space, but it also helps to declutter your professional life. You’re also saving trees by not letting them become paper that you throw in the bin after you’re done with it. And the best part, of course, is that when you save files in the cloud, they’re available anywhere you are, on all your devices, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Work with Compassion

This is not just about your employees; this is also about you. When you’re working from home, your work-life balance is skewed. You work in the same space where you spend time with your family. You may not realize that you’re working harder and longer. Or maybe you do, and you don’t mind it because you don’t have to commute home. Soon, this might take a toll on your mental health. This is where you should consider outsourcing some of the new tasks you need to cover due to the pandemic, or use software to automate repetitive and tedious tasks. The time you free up in your schedule can go to some much-needed break from the hustle and bustle.

Allow Everyone to Take Work Breaks

Let’s be real: when you’re worried about the future of your company, you want every penny you spend to be put to good use. For some employers, this might mean watching every employee’s movement like a hawk and checking up on their tasks every second of their shift. While you may think you’re entitled to this because you’re paying them, your micromanagement might actually be keeping them from doing their job efficiently. Each employee has their own system, and if you keep interrupting them, you’re only getting them out of their work zone. Plus, you’re getting yourself out of your work zone by focusing on what other people are doing! Remember that you hired them for their expertise–let them do their job.

For small companies, there is that fear that you might not survive the pandemic. Improve your chances of surviving by adapting to change and taking a good look at your business processes.


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