Mumbai is an exciting destination and it is also a gateway to several other places. Mumbai airport is the common ground for flying to different places in India. You can plan an interesting holiday via Mumbai. Read on to know more.

Often times in cinema you would have seen the city of Mumbai. In old days, it was referred as Bombay and even today it is fondly called so. Mumbai is often seen by the people as the glamor world where the illustrious Bollywood is. The presence of the Hindi film industry in Mumbai has definitely added degrees of popularity to the city. But besides that it is also the place that has earned its reputation as the commercial capital of the country. Mumbai is how the whole is of Maharashtra is known by and other cities of the state like Pune and Nashik receive much lesser fame despite these being some interesting places to venture out to.

Mumbai generates a heavy share of revenues and hence its share of fame is respectively higher. It is also a well-connected city and hence serves as the gateway to other places of Maharashtra. The city has an international airport which means you can commute to places easily. For example, if you have to go to Bihar, a Mumbai to Patna flight is easily accessible. The rail route also connects Mumbai to rest of the country quite well. Being in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, you can always travel faster and reach the destination of your choice in less time than from other places.

Tourists arrive at Mumbai airport in large numbers every year. The visitors that come to the city hail from locations across the world. Mumbai offers a dynamic experience. In broadlight it is a huge city with traffic, busy people, daily chores and the typical hustle bustle of a modern city. By the dusk, It transforms into a place dazzling with neon and orange lights and the whole landscape seems to emanate an invisible vigor. You would see people turning up at Marine Drive, Chowpatty and Juhu Beach. All the prominent places appear to teem with a sudden spark of vigor as the mood of the city quickly shifts from a slow lifestyle to a party-like mindset. You must have heard that the city of Mumbai wakes up at night. You would find it literally true as you would see the nightlife that Mumbai is known for. The place with a similar and vibrant nightlife akin to Mumbai is Goa. It is a fair trip from Mumbai to Goa if you want to explore more fun and enjoyment on your vacation. You can take road trip or board a Mumbai to Goa flight for quick arrival. Goa offers a nice time on the beach with all the right festivities and parties that happen after sunset. It can be a thrilling experience to explore Mumbai and Goa on the same trip. So, plan your journey accordingly and enjoy a nice holiday time with your dear ones. Mumbai can get you to many interesting places around and you can make many different itineraries around the place.

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