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In a world that has become so overwhelming, there has never been a more critical point for seniors and children to spend time together. Seniors need children to remind them that they still have so much they can give to society. On the other hand, children need seniors because only they can teach them the art of the slow life, how to be still and patient.

Luckily, with women heading back to work, seniors and children now have more opportunities to spend time together. While they can easily watch TV all day together, there are far more valuable and fun ways they can spend those hours. The following are five fun activities for seniors and children to do together.

Picnic lunch dates

When it’s almost lunchtime, why not take that sandwich to go and turn lunch into an event? Find a bench somewhere, head down to the beach, visit a garden, and prolong lunch beyond a quick ten minutes of eating. Lunch dates are an excellent opportunity to get talking.

Seniors can share their stories and help their grandchildren realize that they have gone through similar struggles, while children can also open up about what they are going through. You can read each other’s stories. Reading is perfect for the kids to expand their vocabulary and help seniors keep their minds active. You can also choose to make up stories and go wild with your imagination.

Nature Walks

According to a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, we need at least 120 minutes a week in nature to reap its benefits. The benefits when we experience nature regularly are phenomenal. Nature helps boost mood and lowers anxiety and stress. Nature also helps boost self-esteem and we learn to cultivate a respect for the environment.

Both seniors and children need nature to alleviate their anxiety. It helps them get outside of their mind and experience that peace found in nature to carry this stillness in their day-to-day life so they can handle stress better. Nature walks provide a good dose of exercise as well.

As a senior, you can opt for an outdoor mobility scooter to help you along the way, while the kids can get their bikes or scooters.

Commit to a building project

Whether it is a robot or a dollhouse, a puzzle, or marzipan designs for baking, there is no better way for kids and seniors to commit to each other than by having a common goal. Projects are fantastic for so many reasons. Kids can learn new skills and learn how to research.

They also learn patience, teamwork, and problem-solving. For seniors, projects help them keep their motor skills going and their minds active and inhibit their imagination from getting stagnant. A project is also an opportunity for seniors to teach kids what they know and show off their skills, maybe even get their grandparents to master the art of navigating through the online world. 

Gardening together

Sticking close to home by gardening is another great activity for both seniors and kids. Besides the benefits of being surrounded by nature, gardening teaches kids how to be patient and deal with unforeseen problems caused by bad weather. It gives them a new sense of appreciation for the food they eat and the natural world and instills them with a sense of respect even for the tiniest of beings.

Gardening is also an excellent way to exercise without even realizing it. It helps improve mood, and as with nature walks, it infuses both parties with an appreciation for a slower pace of life.

Help others

Whether self-esteem is an issue, anxiety, loneliness, or stress, there is no easier way to feel better about oneself than by helping someone else in need. Together, seniors and children can help others and enjoy the euphoria that comes with being of use to society.

Help can come in many forms. Seniors and children can decide to run errands for someone or keep a personal company. They can help out a friend with a project or make something for someone to enjoy.

Helping others helps kids develop a crucial emotional intelligence skill — empathy. Moreover, it reminds seniors to be grateful so they do not fall into the trap of constantly feeling sorry for themselves.

Committing to spending time together

Whatever you decide to do, commit to spending quality time together. Only then can the real magic of stillness consume both the older and the younger generation. Seniors can remind themselves that being still doesn’t have to be scary or boring. On the other hand, children can learn how crucial stillness is to living a more present and peaceful life amid all of the world’s chaos.


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