Google Classroom: the latest intervention of Google, has made it possible for learning to be remote for educators as well as students. To facilitate online classes, Google Classroom is playing a vital role globally. Apart from online classes and assignment registering, it is also possible to communicate with students and parents, for the educators or school authorities.

In addition to this, tracking the grading system, collecting assignments are additional advantages of Google Classroom effect in India. Amid the present situation, where COVID-19 has interrupted classroom activities physically, Google Classroom does an impressive job for the betterment of studies because it is accessible through Windows, iOS and Android devices.

However, with some useful tips, this web service can prove to be more than effective. Follow the below-mentioned tips as an educator or student for advanced performance.

1. Index your Assignments

When you use Google Classroom as a student, you have to download the assignment folders in Google Drive. Apart from ‘Drive and Classroom’, you might have to use different Google web applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Forms, Google News and much more. Now, all your saved files go to Google Drive, and you can securely find your assignments there.

But, dealing with countless unindexed assignments can consume your time to find out which one is the most recent one or urgently required. That’s why you should prefer numbering the assignments and create a manageable environment within Google Drive.

2. Press Ctrl+F to Search for your Required File

Additionally, you don’t need to scroll down to find the document. Instead of scrolling, just press these keys at the same time: Ctrl and F. In case, you are on a macOS press Command+F and voila! Now, search for the file by entering specific words and numbers. Your files will appear within no time.

3. Using the Correct Comment

While conducting a class, an educator might have to convey comments or messages to students. Google Classroom effect in India has added standard features for convenience. The teacher can publicly address the entire class or privately comment on a single student’s assignment. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides already had these features for years.

4. Posts can be Reused

Are you interested in shipping the same assignment to the class? You need not recreate the post. Just tap the + sign at the bottom of the screen and opt for the Reuse Post option. Next, you have to select the assignment, set of questions or announcement that needs to be conveyed again. Moreover, you get the chance to alter anything, if required, before sending. Furthermore, enable Google News registration to avail news from every nook and corner of the globe.

5. Google Apps Paves the Path

When you are using Google Classroom, you need not probably use any other software for accomplishing the assignment. The in-build web applications from Google, such as Docs, Sheets, Google Search Engines, etc., are enough for your day-to-day research and assignment building.

Moreover, you need not export any file for uploading. Whenever you create a brand new file, it gets robotically saved in your Google drive. Next, you can decide the file to be shared with whom it may concern, within the available G Suite.

6. Self Grading Assessment is Possible

An instructor can create a self-grading assessment with the help from Google Forms and send it to the students. This will shortly check how kids are performing with Google classroom effect in India. Go to Google Forms and click the + sign. Fetch to the Settings followed by the Quizzes option. Make a quiz, and optionally you can acquire email addresses. Afterwards, save the assessment.

Apart from assigning quizzes, you can collect feedback from students and create an answer key, as well. After grading, the results are available at the Summary option under Responses. Students have to go to the Classwork section and select the View Your Work button. Next, they have to opt for the related menu. Finally, go for Returned With Grade.

7. Inspect Class Description on Google Classroom

Whenever any educator or authority sets up the Google Classroom environment, they should check the Description of the classroom. There the teachers and authorities can view all important information about shared resources. For students, it’s not that necessary. More details about the class can be found out if you head towards Google Classroom Description. However, interesting news about online classes is available through Google News Registration program.

8. Customize Email Preferences

It’s obvious that you can receive an array of emails inside your Gmail inbox when you are attending or holding online classes. Are you tired of deleting those not so important emails manually? Then, you can customize the email settings not to notify every single time whenever you receive one. Just tap the three dots on the screen and move to Settings. Switch the Email notification off for your account.

9. Need not Download Assignments

When you switch to Google Classroom, you can stop downloading everything literally. Google Drive automatically saves all the received and created documents, sheets and other file formats. And, you can fetch from the Drive as per your choice. Moreover, this process will help you in saving time and storage.

10. Use the Originality Report

As an instructor, you can check whether students are copying from each other through the Originality Report tool. Enable this tool to find out plagiarized portions of any assignments submitted at your stop. This will additionally reduce the tendency to cheat among students.

Lastly, use Real Personal Information to Sign-in

Due to legalized cybersecurity measures, Google Classroom might discard your profile if you provide fake information. So, sign up with real information for better classroom experiences. Avail Google News Registration to stay updated regarding the latest news from all over the world. And, don’t forget to unenroll after you are done with the online classes on Google Classroom.


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