• The processes to setup the wordpress differ as the host where we are installing if it is localhost than that will be different and if it’s a live website environment. The below is the step by step process of setting up the wordpress.
  • First of all download latest wordpress from wordpress.org that will be approx 6-7 Mb and that will be in the .zip or .rar format.



  • Just extract the whole data from the zip and copy and paste wordpress folder to the htdocs if you are using XAMP and if you are using the WAMP than put it in the WWW folder of the wamp. If you want to upload the wordpress file to the your live hosting environment than you need the ftp with read/write access and log on to you ftp using the filezilla or some other ftp software like cuteftp.
  • Just logon using your ftp credentials and transfer the data to the httpdoc (this could be vairy on the basis of the cpanal version and the hosting providers).

Setup wordpress start

Wordpress Setup

  • In next step just go to the phpmyadmin if you are using the localhost, and if you are doing online than just go to the mysql using your credential if you had made the database else you have to create the database using cpanel after creating the database create a user and bind it to the database keep the database name and username password that will be used later to setup the wordpress. if you are setting up in local than you should keep the database name and MySQL username and password. (generally username is root and the password has been enter at the installation)

DB Setup

  • The credentials we stored while the setup of the database are now used, as you can see in the image its require the database name,username, password, host and table prefix just click on the Let’s go. The database name,username password are stored while we were setting up the database, the host will be localhost and the default table prefix is wp_ that should be chnaged for the security reasons to some other name keep the underscore after the name i.e. tst_,db_,dbo_ etc. fill this details and submit it this will take some time to setup the tables in the database and once done it will ask few more detain about the website and the username.


  • This is the last step of the setup here you need to give the title of the website (This can be changed later so no worries you can give any). than you need to put the super admin username this should be unique and uncommon so that that provide the additional security, from the 4.3 onward the passwords are automatically generated. if you use automatically generated password than please store it in a notepad so in future you can use it, you can change this automatically generated password to something else. and at the end you have to provide the admin’s email, the last option is of the privacy if you check it no search engine will be able to find your website this will restrict search engine like google, yahoo, aol, msn etc from indexing and crawling your website.
  • Last screen Login page http://www.xyz.com/wp-admin

admin Login


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