IPTV payment gateway

In this digitalized era, everything has become easy and convenient. No field is untouched with the boon of technology. Likewise, the industry of entertainment has also got digitalized and has opened a new door for entrepreneurs, and one such field is IPTV payment gateway.

The market for Internet Protocol television, or commonly known as IPTV is rapidly expanding. In the year 2016, it was estimated at $40 billion and it will be worth approximately 120 billion USD by 2025. This is one of an extensive business opportunity for anyone going into internet protocol television especially because the business cost of setting up IPTV services is low.

However, dealing in an Online IPTV business requires a secure and reliable payment gateway Singapore. Let’s find out what it is and why you need it:

IPTV is communicated using the TCP/IP protocol network as opposed to cable or satellite signals. It receives packets and displays in an encoded video stream as well as also provides the capability to stream the source media continuously. Not just this, an IPTV also enables video on demand and interactivity between the services. One of the major differences among the IPTV and cable tv is that IPTV uses the internet to run video whereas cable uses the satellite to broadcast Television programs.

However, unfortunately, the market of IPTV is largely unregulated because of the fact that the technology is frequently used to broadcast illegally pirated television streams. And due to this reason, having a secure and reliable payment gateway is a must.  To deal and gain profits in your IPTV business,  a merchant account is necessary for your business to grow. That is why you need a reliable service provider that is necessary to fulfill your requirements with no hassles. If you are the one searching for the same, then you can freely leave all your worries to us…

At PayCly, we are proud enough to say that our payment gateways are secure and reliable and we offer one of the best Payment Gateway for your IPTV businesses. We strive to make your transactions processing easy and ensure that you achieve awesome gains through our merchant account solutions.

Why prefer PayCly for Merchant Account for IPTV?

If you are looking for an authentic service provider, connect now with PayCly to get a secure Merchant Account for IPTV business. With our unique and customized solutions, you can look for several facilities with no delay and includes-

  • The credit card offers a suitable transaction to merchants
  • ACH payment processing facility to businesses
  • Electronic check processing service to merchants
  • High-risk gateways to secure your business transaction
  • PCI-DSS compliance for businesses
  • Multiple currencies for making your international business thrive
  • 24 hours service available from our experts
  • Instant solutions through our experts

How to Apply with PayCly

Start using Paycly’s payment processing solutions with a simple onboarding procedure.

STEP 1: Apply online and fill one application form with all the necessary details

STEP 2: Verify your application by providing your KYC Documents

Documents Required are:

  • Your business’s utility bills (not older than 3 years)
  • Your identity proof
  • Incorporation certificates of your Business

STEP 3: Integrate Paycly’s payment gateway to your website platform and start accepting online payments. We have made the processes easy for merchants seeking a merchant account for payment gateway for  IPTV business,. PayCly has served several businesses till now, and have helped them to get a secure transaction process. With expertise in the financial sector, many merchants choose us for their payment processing services.


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