A sharpening stone, also called a “whetstone,” is a fine-grained rectangular stone made from various materials. The blade of the knife is delicately dragged across the stone in several strokes on each side until it frames another edge.

How to Sharpen With a Whetstone

Our favorite way to sharpen a blade is to utilize a whetstone—a rectangular square that works almost like sandpaper, assisting with straightening and refine the bleeding edge on the blade as you slide the knife across it. Most whetstones are intended to be soaked in water before each utilization, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines no doubt. (Fun fact: Whetstones aren’t actually named for the fact that most are utilized wet—”whet” is actually an old word for “sharpen”).

Whetstone or water stone knife sharpening is a superb way to put a razor sharp edge on kitchen blades, folding knives and most tools with an edge. The sharpening cycle is a labor of affection, with practice and muscle memory the outcomes can be amazing.

How to maintain a knife edge with sharpening

Since you’ve sharpened your knife, utilize a sharpening steel week after week to keep the knife’s edge completely straight (don’t stress over damaging your blade with continuous sharpening—the interaction doesn’t wear down your knife like sharpening does).

Kitchen knife sharpener

Sharpen one side on a coarse or medium coarseness with 10-15 strokes and then switch sides and sharpen the rival side. Check for a burr. A burr feels like a fine wire at the tip of the edge and will be on the contrary side from the side most as of late sharpened.

Utilizing a sharpening stone

This is the most traditional sharpening technique and the one liked by most professionals. Be that as it may, Wet stones for sharpening knives it can take a touch more practice than different strategies and expects accuracy to get right.

How to sharpen a kitchen knife with a Whetstone

An unpolished knife in the kitchen is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Having this as a primary concern, it is undeniably important that one sharpens blades at whatever point they show any indications of bluntness.

Here’s a bit by bit manual for sharpening blades with a sharpening stone. This instructional video will also give you a visual guide.

Pick your stone

Sharpening stones come in various coarseness sizes, which are utilized for various purposes. The higher the number, the better the particles. A better stone is utilized to all the more delicately sharpen clean a blade, whereas a harsher stone can be utilized to resurface a damaged or seriously dull knife. A few stones (like this one from Whetstone) accompany different sides in various corn meal.     


All in all, sharpening blades ought to be something that is carried out regularly. Additionally, it is an enjoyable and easy cycle, especially when utilizing whetstones tools. Whetstones have end up being safer than other sharpening techniques up until this point and affordable at the same time.

Whetstones, regardless of whether natural or artificial, vary in material and coarseness sizes. Some may have coarse and fine grain on the two sides, while others have coarse grain or fine grain. Most importantly, guarantee you read and understand the manufacturer’s mandates prior to embarking on the sharpening venture.


Can you utilize a whetstone dry?

This isn’t altogether the case. It isn’t only any stone, yet one requires a smooth and flat stone to deliver the blade sharp and safe to utilize.

How frequently would it be advisable for you to utilize a whetstone?

It very well might be the case for some sharpening stones, for example, the water stones, whereby most should be totally lowered in water while others demand a couple of splashes of water. One should practice more caution when dealing with whetstones and think about learning and understanding the right preparation strategies.

The coarseness size is adequate. It can take gruff blades back to their edge and is generally suitable for kitchen blades, folding knives, and other crushing operations.

Probably the best sharpening stones incorporate:

  • Sharp dual-coarseness Diamond knife sharpener
  • Sharp rock Premium Whetstone knife sharpening stone

It is neither ideal nor safe for one to put olive oil on the stone. Although oil whetstones require oils as an abrasive, you cannot utilize only any sort of oil. Instead, guarantee you have the right information prior to making any preparations.

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Do you have to soak a whetstone?

There isn’t a very remarkable contrast in performance when one incorporates the 3 out of 1 oil or the manufactures decision of oil. It impeccably lubricates the stone because of its low consistency, in this way keeps the stone from the load.

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