Video conferencing apps have become the easiest means of communication to connect with people globally. Many companies are using video conferencing apps like Zoom. They find it both an economical and efficient way to connect with employees and clients.

The usage of web conferencing app soars worldwide

  • According to the Zoom website, it has 300 million meeting participants. 
  • According to Verge statistics, Google meet has recorded 3 million new users each day. 
  • Microsoft has 75 million daily active users as of April; this is more than 70% when compared to the previous month users.

Not all web conferencing apps have all the features required to conduct the best video conferencing experience. This blog highlights the attributes of the features that are part of the best web conferencing app and tips to utilize the app’s features to the fullest extent. 

Features to look in order to find the best video conferencing apps

There are several video conferencing apps available in the market. Here are some of the aspects offered by top web conferencing apps.

Attendees: There are restrictions pertaining to the number of attendees the app can have per meeting. For instance, Zoom can have upto 100 participants and Skype can host upto 50 participants. For conducting conference and product launch, the bandwidth has to be high to connect with global participants.

Communication facilities: Participants can simultaneously chat with other members while attending the call using the in-app chat facility. Certain video conferencing apps do not provide chat replay features or chat history. New joining participants may find it difficult to cope with the meeting without this feature.

Call length limits: There is a 40-minute duration set for attending each session in Zoom for free participants. The remaining time would be visible when the call is about to commence. There is one way to go around it – participants can quit and rejoin the call, then they can utilize another 40 minutes call.

App integrations: Participants can use the features that come with the app suite. For instance, Google Hangouts with the rest of G-suite such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so on. Members can mark the event using the in-app calendar option.

High-definition conferencing: There must not be any glitches during streaming. Some of the best web conferencing apps do not have these issues. 

Interaction Tools: The conferencing tools can be further facilitated through interactive tools such as hand-raising for doubts or communication, polls, etc.

Record meeting: Host or participants can record meetings and use them for future reference. These recorded sessions could be shared with others through mail or other social media handles. 

Tips to better your video conferencing experience

Most of the conferences are taking place remotely through video conferencing apps. These are some of the essential tips to follow while using Zoom.

Waiting room

Zoom Limit: Maximum Participants, Call Duration, And More
Zoom Clone App

Zoom meeting has several participants involved in the meeting. It becomes difficult to keep track of the participants as they arrive at different timings.  Using the waiting room feature, the members will know when the participants have arrived. Some of the advantages of this feature are:

  • The host can accept participants by seeing their joining request as members would be waiting long before the meeting timing to join the call. 
  • There is an option to regulate the participants who are entering the meeting. Let us take the example of a guest lecture where only paid members can attend the meeting. Then, the host can check the names and choose to admit or reject the invitation.

It is one of the security aspects of encrypted video conferencing apps; members can regulate the participants through it. 

Side-by-side screen sharing

The host would share the screen for the meeting but would be restricted from viewing anything other than their screen. Using side-by-side screen sharing options, they can see the participants while conducting the meeting.

Different views

At each point of time, varying views would be useful. Depending on the need at the moment, you can choose the view that suits your needs. 

An active speaker view would enlarge the position where the speaker is visible. It can be useful when the call includes several participants; then the members can focus their attention on the speaker.  

Gallery view wherein you can see all the participants involved in the meeting at the same time. 

Mini window, wherein the meeting would be proceeding in the background while you do other things in the app. It would be useful while conducting hands-on sessions where participants can use the work as per instructions given.

Avoid background noise

The major distraction that participants face while attending the session is background noise. The simple solution would be to turn off the microphone unless you need to speak. It would be better to use headphones to avoid background noise or interference. Moreover, people can listen to conversations keenly.

Multiple participants would speak at the same time, leading to miscommunication. Participants can use the “raise hand” feature in the web conferencing app before speaking, raising doubts, or any questions. The shortcut to follow would be “Alt + Y” for the windows system and “option+y” for the Mac systems.

Set background

With people using the web conferencing apps from their home either for work or educational purposes, the background may not be appropriate to suit the meeting. For that, the Zoom meeting has the facility to set a virtual background. There is an assortment of libraries to choose from; people can also upload their image and set it as background. 

Beauty filter

As the name suggests, it is a simple way to touch up your appearance before presenting the video. Cloud video meeting app like Zoom has simple steps to use it involves: start video-> video settings -> Touch up my appearances.

The bottom line

People can connect with anyone through video conferencing apps. From business meetings to government discussions, everything happens through video conferencing solutions. Launching the amazing app meeting users’ requirements would propel your business to the next level. Consult with the top development companies now!


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