Everyone one of us knows the one brand that revolutionized the taxi industry completely – “Uber.” It was the first brand in the market that launched its taxi booking services online. It would be apt to state that Uber has foreseen the increase in smartphone usage and people’s dependence on online services. So, they hit the taxi market earlier and established their strong presence in the market. It is one of the topmost brands till date in the market. Uber’s idea of taxi service was a hit in the market, and many entrepreneurs decided to launch their online taxi brand following the same approach as Uber. 

It was a surprise that even a few brands that followed Uber’s methodology were also a huge hit in the market. Several brands, such as Ola, Lyft, etc., also developed rapidly and turned out to be strong competitors to Uber. This stands evident to the fact that any entrepreneur can launch their brand in the online taxi market and turn out to be a successful one. 

Vital stats of Uber:

  • The global market value of Uber amounts to $72 billion as of  2019.
  • In the recent quarter alone, it’s revenue summed upto $12 billion. 
  • More than seventy-five (75) million people across the world use the Uber app. 
  • Uber is operating in more than 80 countries in the world.
  • Till date, it has completed almost 5 billion rides in several countries.
  • Uber has more than 3 million registered drivers who provide rides to passengers.
  • Uber completes around 40 million rides in the US alone.
  • On average, a driver registered with Uber earns $364 per month. 

These statistics show how successful Uber is in the taxi market. Even in the pandemic season, it has given a strong comeback and is showing good progress in terms of revenue and sales. Do you also want to be a vital part of this market? Have second thoughts about launching the app in the outbreak season? Do not worry about it, this blog will help you gain a better understanding of how to succeed in the online taxi industry with an Uber clone app in spite of the hurdles posed by the rapidly spreading pandemic. 

How to succeed in the market amid the outbreak?

Becoming a hit in the market in this season can be done effortlessly if the necessary requirements are satisfied. Below listed are a few additional COVID-19 safety features that can be added to your app in the wake of Coronavirus. These add-ons will surely earn your customers’ trust. 

Offer sanitization kits regularly:

This essential step has to be taken from the app owner’s side. You have to provide a complete sanitization kit that comprises face masks, gloves, sanitizers, disinfectant tissues, etc. Advise your drivers to sanitize themselves and disinfect the car regularly. Make it a mandatory practice to remind them about sanitizing the car after each ride is complete. Also, have spare masks or sanitizers for passenger use if required. Increased adherence to safety measures will surely help you gain your passengers’ trust. So, make sure you stock up on sanitization kits.

Limit the passenger count:

You can impose restrictions on the number of riders or passengers allowed to travel in a ride. Based on the ride type, you can fix the passenger count. It will help users maintain social distance and stay safe from the virus. For instance, if the customers book a sedan, you can limit the count to three. You can accommodate two people in the back seat and one passenger in the front. 

Face-recognition software:

You can integrate a recognition software to know if the drivers are wearing face masks before they begin a ride. This will make them adhere to the safety regulations properly. Only after the software scans the driver’s face and identifies the mask, it will prompt the driver to start the ride. Admins will be updated if any driver fails to wear a mask. 

Tracker add-on:

Including a tracker plugin or add-on will also help your drivers and passenger stay away from the virus. The Coronavirus tracker will let the users know if they have made any contact with COVID-19 infected people, if their surroundings are safe, and many other details. So, consider adding the tracker to the taxi app to ensure the complete safety of drivers and passengers. 

Other general safety features to be added to the app:

Apart from the COVID-19 special safety attributes, there is also a list of standard safety features that are to be available at all times in your Uber clone app. A few such features are specified here:

Emergency button:

Users should have an SOS emergency button in the app in order to reach out to help in case of any emergencies. If users press the emergency button, the admin will be notified about the situation. This will earn the customer’s trust to a greater extent. 

Background check:

You should verify the drivers using a thorough screening process to ensure that users have secure riding experience. The verification process should be done when the drivers register with your taxi app. Drivers should submit the required documents in the app to obtain approval. 

First-aid and CPR lessons:

Make sure that you train your drivers in basic first-aid procedures and CPR before they start providing rides. This will help your passengers in case of any medical emergencies. Also, make sure that the drivers have a first-aid kit with them at all times. 

Awareness programs for drivers:

Train your drivers on how to talk to passengers, basic safety measures, and many more factors. Also, include a few instructions in the app that customers should follow, such as providing the OTP correctly, wearing seat belts while riding, etc. 

Launch your completely safe taxi app now!

With the best developers in the industry, you can launch your Uber clone app with the best safety attributes and gain customer trust in no time. Include other necessary features to the app and build it with the best tools and technologies to provide a smooth ride-booking experience for your users. Develop your app right away.


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