7 Special Indian Delicacies for Diwali That You Should Prepare

India is a place where there is a mixed culture and has numerous merry events that its people celebrate consistently. Great food forms a significant portion of all Indian festivals. Diwali is a significant celebration of the year, which denotes the ending of the autumn season. Each Indian celebration has a religious, occasional, and social element related to it. Festivities incorporate the planned preparation of traditional food, desserts, and order Diwali gifts online. When people get wearing their best, vivid garments, they gather in a group with loved ones to celebrate. Dancing, singing with true excitement, and adorning the home with beautiful lights are huge happy events. Diwali is also called the “celebration of lights” due to all these celebratory functions. The custom and culture passed on from the previous age, and it is additionally a way to upgrade the psychological and spiritual dimensions.

‘Desserts’ or ‘mithai’ is exceptionally important and, by and large, produced using unadulterated ghee. The sweet shops and different retailers are getting ready special Diwali desserts, which are high on demand. However, these desserts you can also make at home.

Let us take a look at the most well known Diwali desserts.

Ras Malai

The other special sweet in the list is the Ras Malai, a sweet that is typically served chilled with different dried natural products. This delicacy takes after a dumpling produced using cheese and cardamoms. This dumpling-like mithai produced using thickened milk absorbed sugar syrup. Not at all like the Ras Malai, this sweet is served at room temperature and normally eaten with frozen yogurt. Ras-malai is a perfect dessert to bake for your friends and family and is commonly called Sponge Boats.

Gajar Ka Halwa

It is a sweet which is made using a carrot. You grind the carrot and cook it in ghee and add sugar to it alongside other dry fruits products. It is sweet, which is enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. For the most part, ladies in India favor cooking Gajar ka halwa in their kitchen instead of getting it from the sweet shop.

Besan Ka Ladoo

These are round balls, and the basic ingredient is gram flour. Famously known as ladoos, these are most loved Indian desserts made in all areas of India with various varieties. This is sweet, which is prepared for all the Indian celebrations. It is exceptionally simple to make, and a person with next to no kitchen mastery can also make it. You don’t need to search for exceptional ingredients, and the cooking time is also extremely less.


Rajasthan’s sweet dish is prepared up by heating the milk at a low temperature and allowing the milk to get thick. Dry fruits, nuts, and saffron added to improve the flavor of the sweet. People eat it with different desserts. Saffron in the sweet is a remedy for cold or influenza, and dry fruits assist with increasing the warmth of the body.


It is a homemade, traditional Rajasthani sweet dish enriched in ghee and jaggery. Weddings, get-togethers, and festivals like Diwali are incomplete without the sweetness of this dish. It is high in calories but delectable in taste. You just cannot ignore the unique and typical taste while having Rajasthani cuisine.

Lapsi prepared with wheat, ghee, and jaggery. The main ingredient is broken wheat. It is obtained from farms and crushed into small pieces. Jaggery is yellow-colored sweet sugar obtained from dates. It is commonly used in Indian kitchens for sweetening traditional dishes. Dry fruits and spices added to give a royal and unique touch to the dish.

Gulab Jamun

It is an Indian dessert prepared with milk khoya. Making khoya at can be a long process, but if you store-bought khoya, this could make it in no time. These days you get ready to serve gulab jamun . There are also other variants made with sweet potato, bread, milk powder, etc. They also come out good, but its flavor is no way close to the traditional gulab jamun.


Jalebi is a well-known celebration sweet where the basic baking ingredient is flour (maida). It is a loop formed of sweet which is dunked in sugar syrup. We can discover the reference of Jalebi in the old thirteenth-century cookbooks. However, initially, the sweet originates from Iran, where it is called Zlebia. In India, Jalebis well known sweet, and Z is replaced by J in many Indian languages because of trade and culture diffusion. In Iran, during the eid, Zambia was given to poor people. Jalebi is served both warm and cold, and a few parts of India are offered with a glass of milk.

Food, desserts, and Diwali gift delivery are a significant part of the Diwali festivity. A joyous festival without desserts is insufficient in India. During Diwali celebrations, all the women distribute exceptional desserts made by them to their companions and neighbors. It believed that Diwali is a celebration when the Goddess of wealth – Laxmi, gives the gift of prosperity.


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