According to Statista, almost 53.9% of revenue is expected to be from the m-ecommerce websites. The pandemic has increased the traffic for ecommerce apps substantially as it has become the most preferred means of purchase among users. The main difference between regular shopping and purchasing through ecommerce apps is that customers can compare the prices and choose the best deals among them. People are worried about virus contraction and are avoiding crowded places to the maximum extent possible. In turn, this has paved the way for the rise of the ecommerce industry as people can purchase products online seamlessly.

The ecommerce mobile app development services have to undergo certain changes to improve the user experience. This article focuses on the major changes that ought to be made to sustain and captivate customer attention.

Provide safe purchase medium through ecommerce apps

Contactless delivery

The main reason people use ecommerce apps is to curb the chances of virus contraction. It has driven major ecommerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart to offer contactless delivery for customers. It could be executed by informing the customers beforehand about delivery to place a basket at their doorsteps. The delivery agent can place the products in the basket placed, eliminating direct contact with the customer.

Digital payment

Offer digital payment options to customers to feel entirely safe to purchase products from your app. More importantly, the payment mode must be secure, so users do not feel that their data has been compromised.

COVID-19 safety products

The requirement for safety products has risen amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Include a separate category for protective gear as part of the ecommerce app development services. Customers can purchase the required PPEs using it. Also, the chances are likely the sales of ecommerce can improve through this facility.

Precautionary guide

The measure taken as part of the app delivery process should be laid out as in terms of pictures and videos to know, in detail. This, in turn, increases user trust in your business.

Ecommerce app development tutorials do not focus on the newly enhanced needs for apps, but it is certainly necessary to include precautionary features to enhance users’ experience.

Techniques to enhance user experience in Ecommerce apps

Provide zooming of products

Most of the customers have got used to the habit of pinching their smartphone screen to get a closer image of their products. When they find out it’s not possible, they are disappointed. It is essential to offer zoom-in features for products. There are two main aspects that need to be taken into account while doing so,

  • The image must be of the highest resolution so that when customers zoom in the product, they can view it clearly.
  • Though selective few are aware of the feature, many are completely ignorant of this feature. The purpose of this feature would go in vain if customers are unaware of it, so have necessary pop-ups to notify users of these features.

Save for later option

According to Baymard reports, 68% of the prospective customers often browse through the app without purchasing any products. To encourage customers to purchase ecommerce apps, the save for later option would be useful. For instance, when a particular product is out of stock, then users can save the product later when the product is back in stock, they can be sent notification.

Secure measure

There are many instances where customers’ data are stolen or misused by hackers. Also, scavengers are tracking down people’s searches to offer them promotional content. There must be no such cases of data mishandling when it comes to ecommerce. Ecommerce app companies must include the required security & privacy aspects to provide a safe buying experience for customers.


It is an important tool to enhance customers’ shopping experience. A study says that 54% of the customers favor communicating with the sellers directly. Customers can chat with the respective seller and get a clear picture of the showcased products. Another important facility offered by the chatbot is to order related assistance for customers. For instance, due to unforeseen circumstances, the products are not delivered on time, customers can reach out to executives to resolve the issue.


Customers do not like to wait indefinitely for their product to arrive, even if they are updating as the order’s status changes. By using the geofencing feature, the products can be shipped and delivered to the customer from the nearest warehouse, thereby eliminating the waiting time for customers.

Summing Up

Applications are going to be the customers’ facing-end; it has to be perfect to enhance business prospects. Choose the ecommerce mobile app development company that allocates equal importance to front-end and back-end development as both are critical for seamless app functioning. Once you have developed the app according to customers’ expectations, it can be said that your path for success is laid.


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