Escape the Rent Trap
Escape the Rent Trap

As we all know it is expensive to rent a house in comparison to paying the mortgage. So, we have come with a list of ways to escape the rent trap. Now it won’t be a problem for people looking to get their own house. Remember to start small, and buy a smaller apartment to save money for a larger property. This gradually helps you to save for the future.

Here is the list of ways you can use to move towards buying your dream house:

Start Saving Deposit

Saving for a deposit is the best opportunity to improve your chance of getting a house loan approved.  For the young buyers, it may be the most difficult part of the process, but it requires some smart budgeting decisions on their part. The best way to start saving is to keep a list of monthly expenses, and looking for the things that you can cut out.

Now, some banks allow you to get your loan approved with low-deposits as well. So decide to stop renting today and start saving up for your dream house.

Keep Your Credit Record In-Check

The most essential asset to buy your own house is to have a good credit record. Start small with maintaining a good credit score. Apply for credit on purchases that have low monthly repayments. This type of credit will be highly beneficial for you in the future.

Also, responsibly paying for credit card bills monthly helps with keeping a good record.

Try To Spend Less on Rent                                                           

One of the most essential steps in moving towards buying your own house is to spend less on rent. You may get tempted into renting a big apartment, but it isn’t a good idea if you want to buy a house in the future.

While renting, luxury should not be the priority. Find something comfortable and at a low-price. This helps you to restrain spending the money that you can use to save a deposit for a property.

Get Expert Advice

Saving a deposit isn’t easy, you need to weigh in a lot of factors. Get the help of professionals regarding rent to buy homes. It is the best thing to do in this scenario.

Furthermore, keep in mind, you will not be able to take a loan to pay your mortgage deposit, but one thing you can do is to search for government schemes. This is where professionals like Stop Renting Albany can help you. They keep you aware of all the government schemes available and also helps with keeping you updated with all your options.

Keep Record of Your Rent

Keeping the record of your rent history helps a great deal if you want a home loan. It will prove that you can pay monthly mortgage deposits. Try to pay your rent with direct debit, as it is the easiest way to prove your rent record to the banks.

If your rent is on cash, make sure to keep a rent book and ask your lender to sign on it as proof of your monthly rent payments.

Keep Your Finances In-Check

When you apply for a mortgage, the banks will go through every tiniest of details. Any evidence for lavish spending, loan liabilities, and missed deadlines on paying bills can hurt your chance of getting any help from the bank.

So, if you have any financial problems or pending bills to pay, start taking care of it now. This will help you to get a clean slate before applying for the mortgage.

Saving money with a busy schedule isn’t easy, but if you want to escape the rent trap you need to follow these steps. Starting small and early is the key to get your dream house in the future. Take the help of professionals to stay aware of the best options available.


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