Used Moffett Forklift
Used Moffett Forklift

When you buy a Used Moffett Forklift from any private or commercial dealer; you have to check several things before making the final deal. The most important thing of all to check is the data plate that is located prominently on the forklift.

What Is Used Moffett Forklift Data Plate?

This is a plate made of steel on which all information about the forklift is mentioned. This plate should be located on either side or at the back of the forklift. It is never found underneath the carriage. If someone says that he is checking for it underneath then beware that something is wrong.

Why Reading Of Plate Is Important?

Have you ever wondered why the data plate is on the forklift when you have the manual to read? The manual is not readily available to you; so all important info is on the data plate.

Getting General Info Of Forklift

All of the general information like the model of Used Moffett Forklift, year of its manufacture, the total weight of the machinery, and much more is mentioned there for your convenience.

Capacity Of Lifting And Height

The main purpose of the forklift is to carry heavy weights and either travel short distances or carry it to higher levels. Data about the capacity of lifting and carrying should be known to all.

Avoiding Of Serious Accidents

When the operators and other employees will have full info on the forklift then you can avoid many accidents because you will know how and when to avoid the forklift.

Right Data Reading Way Of Plate

When you buy the forklift from dealers like Bobby Park Truck And Equipment; the service and maintenance team there will tell you about different data that is mentioned on the forklift plate.

What Are The Make And Model?

The main thing that is mentioned on the data plate is the model and make of the forklift. This will make it easy for you to determine whether the machinery is according to your requirements or not.

Serial Number Is Mentioned

Mentioning the serial number is vital because this number is added to the maintenance and repair catalog so that it can be checked for further use.

Exact Date Of Manufacture

Another one of the most important forklifts data plate requirements is to have the exact date, month, and year of manufacture. This will exactly determine the age of the forklift.

Source Of Power For Forklift

You don’t want to fill up the forklift with the wrong type of fuel that can damage the operation mechanism of the forklift. The source for power is prominently mentioned on the forklift.

What Accessories Can Be Attached?

You must check what kinds of attachments the forklift can bear. Not all attachments can fix on any type of forklift.

What Kinds Of Tires Do They Use?

For heavy-duty forklifts like rough terrain forklifts, the tires have to be heavy-duty as well because the load of the items is all on the tires. Wrong tires mean the weight can misbalance.

Total Weight Of The Forklift

Knowing the total weight of the forklift is important and it is also mentioned on the data plate.

Lifting Information

If the right method of lifting the Used Moffett Forklift is not used then the vehicle can tumble over. The right weight lifted, the center point of forks, angle of the tilt, and height of lifting should be known. The data plate has all this information.


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