I would like to not confess our love for eyewear trends, seen on Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, or Cara Delevinge. From thin minimalistic metal glasses frames for men to retro-chic glasses for women, the 2020 eyewear trends were pure delight. Although we did spend most of the year indoors, certain frame choices made us look more professional on a boring Zoom meeting. Protective glasses like blue light, actually helped us to cope with increasing eye problems and discomfort often, caused by the screen. Glasses have been a great pandemic coping mechanism.

Top 6 glasses trends popular in the UK

1. Gold Metal Glasses

A little bit of shimmer and glamour hurts nobody. Gold glasses aren’t just a seasonal trend but the whole year. Metal frames are known for its lightweight, minimalism and chic design, the addition of golden color accentuates it even more. Golden frames have got a preppy feel to it while still looking elegant. 

Gold glasses are perfectly suitable for almost all occasions, from workplace attire to movie-date. It’s delicate, subtle and effortlessly stunning. 

2. Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses frames for women and men are a pure art of symmetrical balance. Each side designed into sharp and sleek edges offers a perfection of balanced design. Also, geometric frames are an emerging trend, a blend of a metal unique finish in diverse shapes. 

From the traditional square, rectangle, or circle – geometric frames are a breadth of fresh air. You can get these in subtle to bold colors. From rose gold to burgundy, brown, ocean blue, or hot pink, the colour choice can be anything depending on your outfit and occasion. From funky to seriously sober, geometric glasses got you covered. 

3. Transparent

We know what you are about to say – “Aren’t transparent 2019 eyewear trends?” Yes, it was and still is a strong demand out of all glasses frames. Some trends never die. Transparent frames of 2020, however, are popular for a distinctive feature in their design. The previous trend of transparent glasses only involved white or clear frames. Which could be see-through and present in a single frame. 

This year transparent glasses are popular for its ravishing warm colours. You can get transparent frames in the beautiful warm colour of gold, beige, butterscotch, orange, green, turquoise, hazel and more. Made in bio-acetate, the warm colours in a transparent material offer a beautiful depth and look to these glasses, making it look extremely sartorial. 

4. Flat-top frames

The oversized flat top is the new trend in glasses frames online. Designed with a sharp and flat top, and exaggerated lenses with bold masculine lines. This new must-have design is known for its bold and dramatic style. With it’s not too subtle but prominent features and bold lines, it’s the perfect time to add some drama to your look. 

Made in bold acetate or minimalistic metals, flat-top glasses are the ultimate trend of the year. Making eyeglasses far more than normal, but vivid, large, and stunning all the way.

5. Round glasses

From the John Lennon Era to Harry Potters and beyond, we still can’t get over the round frames. To be honest, the design is simply irresistible. Round glasses are the real retro-revival, coming in all designs – from oversized to mini. 

The round glasses type, most popular right now are the light color metallic frames. Available in rose gold, silver, gold, and pink – the colors are simple, elegant, and tailor-fit.

6. Oversized Cat-eye

Let the drama begin!! The bigger the cat-eye, the better is the look. Why settle with something light and minimal, when you aspire to be bright, proud, and assertive. The all-new oversized cat-eye glasses are an iconic blend of fashion and confidence. Designed into chunky tortoiseshell, solid colors, or in hot-Havana, it’s a perfect pair of eyeglasses to flaunt around.


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