Top 15+ Useful Android Apps for Designers

We are living in the era of the latest technologies, androids and iPhones are common. Moreover, they are blessed with a number of Apps that can make your work easy and quick.  A good graphic designer must always be up to date with all the latest applications and designs to help him work faster and in an optimized way.

The fact is that there is an increase in the development of various software and web applications that deliver an infinite range of beneficial resources to automate jobs, get motivated, and translate ideas into great projects.

The Best Apps for Graphics Designers

There are different Apps available for free and works well. Designers at cheap dissertation help are making the most of all the different Apps that turns out best. Here more than 15 Apps are added by them to help you find out what they are below and get the most out of them. To work!

Let’s take a look at them!

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most popular and best mobile apps from a designing point of view. It has photo editing, collage, and many other filter features that turn your photos into eye-catching and fun artworks. Designers get an automatic correction of contrast and colour balance while working on specific photos. The App comes out with the best features of the crop, flip, and rotation too. The best thing is, it is free and available for both IOS and Android.


 Designing turns out best with creative text and styling. Fontly gives different fonts that are vital for graphic designing projects. The App takes only a few MBs in your smartphone and helps you find hundreds of fonts that will give you an attractive and appealing look of your poster, magazines, web pages, and many other designs projects. It is also free and available for both IOS and Android.

Infinite Design

Infinite Design, a fantastic vector graphics application, is only suitable for the Android operating system. Those who want to create creative drawings using laptops and smartphones can make the best use of it. To build and align your designs with unlimited layers, enhanced interface choices, scaling and rotation characteristics, simple pen-to-shape shapes, you can use this App. 

Pantone Studio 

Pantone Studio provides infinite possibilities for those who want to escape to the enchanted world of colours, an application that any graphic designer should have on hand. You can create your own palettes thanks to the application, discover colour harmonies, and remove a colour palette from your images. At the same time, from the articles section of the application, you can access the latest colour trends and take a look at the colour scales specially chosen for each year. It is free and can be downloaded on both IOS and Android. 


Canva, which was created in 2012, is one of the fun and useful apps that you can access from both smartphones and websites. Canva gives designers unlimited opportunities to create beautiful graphic designs available for free and online. With Canva, where you can access presentations, social media content, poster and brochure designs, invitations, menus, all kinds of graphic design elements you can think of, you can find everything you need to create incredible designs.


You can add Photobucket to your list as it is one of the best tools for graphic designers. It also helps you to share, store and print the application where you can organise your images. It also lets you make gifs from your images, with philtres and text stickers to edit your pictures. Free and available for both IOS and Android. 


Another free App, the Behance software, is undoubtedly the mobile App for graphic design that is very useful. With millions of projects that you can explore, Behance, where users from all over the world share their artistic ideas, portfolios, and graphic works, impresses. At the same time, you will have the ability to explore not only graphic design but also artistic works and recent trends in many fields, such as fashion, architecture, photography, digital art, thanks to the application where you will have your own profile and collection. 


Sketchbook is a free designing app with its availability on both Android and IOS. The software, where you can draw and sketch easily, is full of opportunities for fun and creative content to be created. Using layers with application, different pen and paint choices, you can also create beautiful designs.

Adobe Illustrator Draw 

The illustrator should probably be the first software you need to learn if you’re interested in graphic design. You can make flyers, brochures, logos or business cards, icons, vector drawings, animations, and cartoons using Adobe Illustrator. With the App that offers easy cropping of images, quick editing of your works, stylish vector images, fast font finding features, perfect pixel images and free updates, you will have the opportunity to explore the limits of your imagination.


You can create imaginative works with magnificent effects with Prisma, a photo editing technology used by more than 120 million individuals today. The application allows users to philtre your images in hundreds of styles, like from Picasso to Munch, from Van Gogh to Dali, several famous painters. You will benefit from works that would be visually motivating for your projects or designs with Prisma.


You’ve probably heard about Magisto already, and if you don’t have it, you should know that it’s a really quick video editing or montage programme. Although it does not have many technical features, it helps a lot to solve mobile problems. You can opt to pay for the PRO edition, which is much fuller and is not as costly as others if you need more resources and you like the way the App is created.

Autodesk SketchBook

For creating digital drawings, this is one of the best graphic design applications. We love that it offers the user a reasonably wide variety of styling pens among its many resources. They provided a PRO edition only to subscribers some time ago, but they currently have all of its functionality for free.


This inclusion may seem unusual (particularly compared to apps like Photoshop), but Instagram is certainly one of the best designer apps and has the best accounts for graphic design. Not only does Instagram allow light photo editing (with filtering software, clipping, and more), but it has a relatively active community of designers and users searching for content and art as a social network.

Be consistent on the lookout for famous hashtags; you will find new markets and trends there.
Instagram is a perfect place for showcasing your own work and designs, acting as your portfolio, supporting your content, and getting input from your followers for this purpose.

Adobe Spark Post

Help you all types of entirely customizable or template graphics. It is an application for quickly assembling graphics. If you have signed in with your Adobe ID, it instantly links to the Adobe Spark website, the online edition. It allows you to design publications in various formats: stories or Instagram advertisements, banners, Twitter headers, etc.

 Adobe InDesign

Another useful App. Mock up various templates with the software with a wide range of fonts. This helps you to design all sorts of objects in a wide variety of formats, such as pictures, texts, or geometric shapes. Customize your own smartphone templates. The files can also be directly exported to Adobe InDesign.

Pantone Studio

For iPhone and iPad users, this App is an inspiration for colour. It acts like a “eyedropper” that helps you to find the colour Pantone you choose from both real materials and digital components. You can understand what the colours displayed in the picture are from images, and with that knowledge, you can make beautiful colour palettes and share them with the world.

If you are a graphic designer, and if you have your smartphone, the listed apps will certainly support you. These applications are beneficial and allow you to build in just a few steps, from colour palettes to a logo, and best of all, they are free.


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