Most women have this fear of getting older and not being able to look their best. But just because you have hit 40 does not mean that you need to do wardrobe reevaluation and change your style.

We don’t want you to turn down your fashion quotient which is why we are here with a list of cool women’s glasses that will help you look sophisticated and chic even in your second innings. 

Eyewear matters

Aging has an effect on your eyes as well and you might need to wear prescription eyeglasses. Ordinary prescription glasses make you look older and boring. If you want to look fashion forward, experiment with cool frames and designs to find your style. 

Here are five amazing glasses frames that will look good on older women:

Cat-eye glasses

You can never go wrong with a pair of cat-eye glasses. Giving a touch of femininity to your personality, these frames are every woman’s first pick. If you want to go with these glasses, try to combine them with classic colors such as red or black. These glasses frames will not only go with every outfit but will also add to your grace and sophistication.

Rimless eyeglasses

The efficiency of your eyes diminishes as we get older. If you are someone who has just started to wear glasses and does not want them to overpower your personality, these eyeglasses are perfect for you. The thin frame will give you a subtle look and will not draw too much attention on your face.

You can fit any shape or size of lenses to your glasses and pick your favorite colors to get your final look. If you are not comfortable with the fact of wearing eyeglasses, you can use lightweight lenses to take the burden away from your face. If you are buying your glasses online, make sure you check the lens materials and coatings.

Horn-rimmed glasses

There is a reason why these glasses are a major hit in women’s glasses. Horn-rimmed glasses look good on every face shape while complementing your facial features. Whether you have a narrow or a heart-shaped face, do not hesitate to put your money on classic horn-rimmed glasses dipped in the shades of honey, yellow or brown.

Round glasses

Round glasses that are neither too small nor too large are a perfect fit for older women. Whether you are going to a party or have an office meeting to attend, these glasses will never let you down. If you have a square face, you should look for a different design and shape. Although these women’s glasses have been around for a while, they are now receiving the long-overdue appreciation.

Geek glasses

A decent pair of geeky glasses are perfect to fit your prescription lenses while making you look younger. These frames have taken the eyewear industry by storm helping people to sport a geeky yet cool look.

Never let your age define your fashion choices. Feeling young on the inside? Try out some cool fashion accessories to let people see how you feel. After all, there is not a better way to feel younger than doing what makes you feel special. 


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