Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic Equipment

Previously, the mechanics only needed basic tools like a spanner, screwdrivers, and similar devices to carry out the job for a car. But, with the addition of new electrical components, the need has changed over the past few years and requires the latest diagnostic equipment for the job. These electrical components are responsible for controlling the multiple systems of a car, from air quality to the amount of fuel in the car’s engine. Every component is unique, so you need to have the right diagnostic tool for each problem. The most common tools that are used include,

OBD Scanners and Readers

These are the most common diagnostic equipment examples. The OBD scanner is used to identify the problems and faults that are OBD2 compatible. The scanner is connected with the car and a compatible laptop that has the latest diagnostic software installed in it. This equipment is trusted by thousands of workshops to diagnose faults. However, there are several clones available in the market at much cheaper rates, and rightfully so. They are only capable of supporting 50% data of the car. Also, there is a high risk that the results shown on this clone are inaccurate and can cause serious issues later on. So, always invest in high-quality diagnostic tools like from Maverick Diagnostics, one of the largest vehicle diagnostic supplier in the UK.

Code Readers

These handheld devices are used by workshops to detect and resolve the common faults of the car system. In some cases, they can also be used to reset some of the systems in the car. Same as any other tool in the market, there are clones and cheaper versions also available. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. They won’t be able to give you reliable results and will have restricted capabilities. We will always recommend you invest in genuine code readers as they are responsible for checking the emissions and the other car engine-related problems.

Tire Pressure Gauge

The electrical components are not the only part that needs to be diagnosed for the faults. The tire is one of the most important parts of a car that needs to inflate correctly on accurate PSI value. Eyeballing the pressure accurately is not possible. But, with the help of the gauge, this job can be carried out quite easily.

Circuit Testers

The majority of the car components require an electric current in order to work properly. For instance, the faults like broken wires or water damage can become a hurdle to a car’s electrical circuitry. Now, these faults are very hard to find and even harder to fix. Keep in mind that every car manufacturer has specified genuine tools for their vehicle. For instance, if you have a Volkswagon car in your workshop, you will need a genuine VW dealer diagnostic tool for an accurate diagnosis of the fault. There are various circuit testers and multimeters to accurately determine where exactly the fault is in the car.

Today’s latest diagnostic equipment helps to check all the features of the car. From emissions to oil changes, you can easily look for the potential and current damages.


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