The city of Goa, the most celebrated party destination in India, is home to some of the best summer parties you will ever get to experience. ‘That time in Goa…’ is still a fond memory of many who had been here in the past and had the time of their lives. This article talks about the perfect time to visit the fun capital of India.

With summers creeping up the calendar, it’s about time to be on the lookout for another summer vacation somewhere far away, not necessarily to beat the summer heat but for the sake of taking that ‘summer vacation’ you deserve. Beach and summers go hand in hand. There is a reason behind the hype of ‘beach bodies’, a term you will start hearing and seeing more as summer approaches. If you are looking for a beach destination in India, where better than our very own Goa? The tourism goldmine attracting tourists from all over the world. Goa tour packages are a massive sell during the peak seasons in the state. Although tourism is a continuous affair all throughout the year, the peak seasons in this beach destination sees a surge of visitors unlike any destination in India.

Summer seasons see the whole of Goa come alive. The quiet beaches are now filled with people from all over the world. Some dark, some light, some brown, some at home while some wandering faces, but one thing is for certain, you will not see a sad soul in Goa. This fun capital of Goa resonates joy all round and the whole state is masked with a mist of happiness all around and the day keeps getting better and more interesting as it progresses and reaches the point where the sun goes down and the bass start to drop in the various clubs and beaches. Booze is extremely cheap and the food is delectable; mostly seafood, but is cheap, fresh and out of this world. Getting a beer at any time of the day is not a task in Goa. Apart from the beaches you can also visit the countryside and shop in the weekly street markets.

If your patience has run out on you and you cannot wait any longer for your trip, you can just go ahead with your trip as March is also a pretty much of a decent time to visit. It is actually ideal to visit during this time if you do not prefer a large gathering. By now the peak season is far over and Goa will be deserted. The peak season hike of the accommodations, food and travel tickets will have gone down. It is during times like these when you can grab the cheapest Goa tour packages. But even if you plan to travel in March, do not wait too long as the Shigmotsav-Gulal Utsav festival takes place towards the end of March. This festival is very similar to Holi. The state does not celebrate Holi and it is during this festival they do whatever the rest of India does during Holi. Yes smear and spray coloured powders and waters on each other. The beaches are packed and this festival is the biggest spring festival in Goa. If you choose to visit during this time, you will still manage to see a good number of visitors, both Indians and foreigners.

No one takes away a bad experience from Goa. If something happens in the personal level, that is a whole different issue, but there is nothing unpleasant in Goa that affects the general experience of people who visit. If fun is what you are looking for this summer, don’t think twice and head on to Goa.


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