Various countries all over the world have restricted the use of popular short video making app TikTok. After that, people’s interest in virtual private networks (VPN) and TikTok Clone apps is increasing day-by-day. The use of VPNs allows the users to access an encrypted tunnel’s online service and also bypass blocks of the app. When rumours of the ban of popular video-creating app TikTok spread, the search traffic for VPN services has got boom. Also, data statistics from Google trends has reported an increased spike in the search interest of people in TikTok VPN after the Government decided to ban the TikTok as this was a Chinese app.

Why TikTok Got Banned?

The reason behind TikTok’s ban was its unsecured privacy policies as the app gathers data that consists of the user’s mobile carrier, IP address, their region, GPS data, and time zone settings etc. This app also restricted the app access dependent on the IP address and phone’s SIM card of the user. But After its ban, TikTok clone got aware and updated their privacy policies. Now, people are using virtual private networks (VPNs) that again routed the internet activity of the user to other locations, and also avoiding the end by giving people the IP address outside countries.    

What is a VPN?

A VPN provides anonymity and online privacy services through building a private network right from a public internet connection. It covers your IP (internet protocol) address so that no one can trace your online actions virtually. Moreover, VPN services create encrypted and secure connections to give improved privacy rather than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. Whenever you surf on the internet with an unsafe Wi-Fi network, it refers to leak your private data and browsing history. It is the reason why a VPN must be used by people who have privacy concerns for their online privacy and security.

How VPN Secures Your Private Data and IP Address?

VPN creates a data tunnel between an exit node significantly at another place, and the local network makes you feel as if you are somewhere else. Advantages provided by VPN allows you for having online freedom and permitting access to websites and favourite apps. No other TikTok clone script is as popular as VPN due to the use of Encryption in the network to ascent the data while sending it over any other network or through Wi-Fi network.

Encryption in VPN makes the information unreadable. Especially, data security is significant while using any public Wi-Fi network to prevent the data on the network. Without using a VPN, the internet service provider will save your whole browsing antiquity. By VPN, whatever you search is hidden from the provider.

Important Features Offered Through VPN You Need to Consider

As we are seeing that people are using VPN services at a great level, it can be challenging which VPN service you should choose? To help with this, we are here with these below-mentioned features, so that you can choose the best out of many. Look out for these features before choosing any of the VPN services. Try to avoid having any unsecured or dangerous fancy VPN website, consider these features to pick up the right kind of VPN service for you!

Mobile Apps

Most of the VPN will provide user software for Windows PC. However, the real worth of VPN service includes mobile support. Keep the phone safe and secure as it accesses Wi-Fi when you are out of the home. Select a VPN and ensure to support the platforms for smartphones to use. Like the TikTok Clone app, most providers also have apps for both iOS and Android, so consider setup instructions in the support pages also. ExpressVPN provides a guide on manual settings of BlackBerry, Linux, Windows Phone, etc.

Various Server Locations

VPN helps to hide the data of the user through Encryption with tunnel build between the device of the user and web server of the VPN. After that, the user can include the web server’s IP address, and it offers one benefit to VPN, the user can be in a unique geographic location virtually. Through it, users can be able to access shopping sites or streaming services in a particular country and not to have geo-blocking. A healthy spread of coverage by a good provider across an extensive country range gives you different options all over the world.

Unidentified DNS Servers

Domain name system resolution is known as the procedure that changes the address you search into your address bar of the web browser, like www., into the IP address used worldwide for traffic to the user directly. Most of the users have DNS translation, and the ISP by default can be changed easily. The goal of using a VPN is privacy, and hence, VPN is used to set up to secure the user in the DNS translation procedure from interfering eyes of ISP.

It is not like the TikTok Clone app as it uses Google DNS translator that is used for the speed often. These DNS services are designed for un-identification like DNSwatch or FreeDNS. The VPN provider uses its anonymous DNS for improved privacy preservation.

Support from Router

Despite installing the VPN on the used devices, there is used an alternate strategy to install it directly on the home network’s router. After that, each device that is linked to the network will have the advantages of VPN privacy policies. For a better plan, it needs two important things- Supportive VPN service and Well-suited router. Even having a working VPN will be a good in-between networking project.

Kill Switch of VPN

No VPN provides 100% safe and secure services as they can be vulnerable to IP leaks that picture the user’s IP address when the user is online. It can often occur at the time of overloading of VPN services. To prevent this, there is an available VPN kill switch to analyze the connection failing of VPN. When VPN connection gets low, that’s when the IP is exposed. At this time, this kill switch shuts down all the data transfer. In simple words, it kills the connection and secure unencrypted information from being spread. 

When VPN services don’t provide a kill switch, it comes with a feature linked in the client software, unlike TikTok clone script. Always choose an integrated kill switch and ensure to turn it on in the app’s settings of VPN, but various can be disabled by default.

No Log Policy

All the VPN services differ about their logging policies. Some of the VPNs can store the browsing activity’s elements for a long time. For instance- possibly data that could be changed over to authorities with demand. Preferably, users want a VPN with a no-log policy. However, various providers will say that they also offer this. In reality, they still store some data like session logs. So, read the privacy policy of VPN’s provider carefully and make sure there are no hidden caches into this.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have guided you with the features of VPN as these will help you to choose the right VPN. These will also tell you why you should prefer to use VPN and what is the reason behind its popularity nowadays. These days, due to privacy and security, there is a need to adapt the VPN services by individuals and organizations all over the world for losing or shutting down the risk of sharing unwanted data. Businesses also use these VPN services for accessing blocked services or sites. Although, various people are taking the service of leading development companies like BR Softech for TikTok clone Development, including secured privacy policies. We have experienced and knowledgeable team members who provide users with high-quality services. Contact us for any services!


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